I was thinking about Lion’s impending doom on the spanking bench tonight, and it made me wonder if there should be a difference between punishment spankings and maintenance (just because) spankings. We decided they should be the same, but I’m not so sure. Hear me out.

In either case, Lion is “making” me spank him. I should technically be just as annoyed at having to give him a punishment spanking as I am to give him a maintenance spanking. (It annoys me because I don’t like hurting him, and it gives me another chore to do.) Initially, I was thinking I should be more annoyed about a punishment spanking because he’s actually done something to earn it. He broke a rule, dammit. Now I have to punish him. However, now I’m wondering if the maintenance spanking shouldn’t annoy me more. He didn’t do a damn thing, but I still have to spank him. Sheesh!

The whole purpose of just because swats were to get me used to spanking him and to improve my technique. I think it’s probably working. I’ve been concentrating on the overall redness, but I can just as easily go for red and bruising. The only question is whether punishment and non-punishment swats should be the same. Well, it’s my question. Lion is happy with them being the same.

I guess, in the overall scheme of things, it doesn’t matter if they’re the same because they can never truly be the same. One session might result in a red Lion butt all over. The next might produce a bruise and an inability to sit without some discomfort. Apparently, I’ve answered my own question. Do me a favor and remind me when I rehash this topic in the future. It will save us both a lot of time.


  1. I think you are making a big mistake by dealing with both spankings the same way. A punishment spanking should be far more severe, painfull and humiliating, bringing him to tears and he should not be able to sit down for a few days!
    Teach him a lesseon he will not lightly forget and that will change his attitude!
    Also, since you complain a lot about his behavior, spank him more frequently, 2 weeks without punishment seems a (too) long time

    1. We tried changing the severity of spankings depending on the reason for delivering them. It didn’t work for us. From my perspective, the receiving end, the difference wasn’t that significant. A spanking hurts. From Mrs. Lion’s point of view, it was just one more confusing factor.

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