The Best Teacher

Monday was punishment day. It’s one of the two designated “just because” spanking days. I was in no shape for a spanking or any other activity. My stomach was acting up. We ended up having toast for dinner on Monday night and for breakfast Tuesday morning. I’m grateful that Mrs. Lion canceled the Monday night swats.

Since Mrs. Lion has become such a proficient spanker, my attraction to being spanked is tempered by the memory of just how much it hurts. Of course, that’s the whole idea. Spankings, even “just because” spankings, aren’t supposed to be anything but painful. I believe they are working. Mrs. Lion is testing different paddles and techniques. She is also willing to let me know that a spanking isn’t “just because” and has converted to punishment for annoying her.

I’m happy to see her doing that. It has always been nearly impossible for her to initiate a spanking for annoying her. It is much easier to assign an already-scheduled spanking to annoying her instead of “just because.” It’s disciplinary evolution. If experience is any indication, it won’t be long before she spanks me as dispassionately for annoying her as she does for me forgetting to set up the coffee pot. I suppose the next evolutionary disciplinary step is for Mrs. Lion to add five minutes to a scheduled spanking if I annoy her.

Speaking of the coffee pot, the “just because” spankings make me a lot more careful about remembering to set it up every day. The last time I forgot, it was on a “just because” spanking day. Mrs. Lion added five minutes to the ten-minute scheduled spanking. It was horrible. I don’t want that happening again anytime soon.

Mrs. Lion has always been happy to assist me in any way she can. I think that as she feels more willing to punish me when I upset her, she also feels more positive about doing things for me. She may not agree, but I detect a general lightness that wasn’t always there. It may be a kind of yin/yang energy exchange. It’s definitely increased honesty about how I affect her. She knows that I want her to punish me if I upset her. Now the twice-weekly “just because” spankings allow her to punish me without making a “special trip” to the spanking bench. We are both profiting.

A big part of caring for each other is being able to communicate annoyance without being passive-aggressive. Granted, paddling me is a long way from just growling. Experience has taught us that, without the recent memory of her paddle, a growl isn’t very effective for either of us. We have to accept that giving me a sore bottom is the best teacher for both of us.

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  1. Whipping “Just because” raises a number of doubts about its legitimacy, as well as some discomfort for Mrs. Lion. After all, we all know from childhood that punishment follows offense. What conclusion should we draw? Leo needs to commit misdeeds left and right and create reasons for real punishment and flogging.

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