The Lion Went Over The Mountain (Not)

I am going through one of those difficult times when I can’t seem to get very close to ejaculating. Mrs. Lion has been diligently working on getting me to the edge, but I’m not cooperating. It’s probably one of my periodic slumps. Eventually, my body will decide to cooperate, and I will get to the top of the mountain. Whether I get to see the other side is up to my lioness. She’s pretty frustrated too. I suspect she will let me get to the other side the first time I can get to the top.

Do you care about whether or not I come? It’s been a big topic here for years and years. It easily qualifies as my most intimate information. Even though you can learn every single detail of my sex life, reporting it isn’t exactly routine for me. Mrs. Lion is a more objective reporter and is comfortable letting you know every intimate detail. My views are much more subjective since the topic is my sex life.

I think it is good that we can share this here, and you like reading about us. Recently, a small side conversation with Julie of strictjuliespanks about “forced” bi activities came up. The story she wrote for me (“Visiting Julie at her Cottage”) contained sexual activities between her husband and me. She finds the idea very hot. Reading her account was a turn-on for me too. But I could never really do it.

It feels a little hypocritical that I could like reading about being forced to do sexual things with David but have absolutely no interest in making it real. I guess the same is true of porn. I sometimes get turned on by a handjob or spanking video. The penis in the action isn’t repellent to me. I guess I imagine it’s mine. This happens very rarely. Usually, I get bored by the mechanical process being shown.

You could argue that because I like Mrs. Lion pegging me, I must want a real penis up my ass. It’s true that there is little physical difference between a silicone cock and a real one. If I were blindfolded, I don’t think I could easily tell the difference between a strap-on worn by a woman or a male fucking me. It isn’t about the physical reality. It’s about something deeper.

Sexual attraction is a mental process. Naked men do not turn me on. That doesn’t mean a man couldn’t physically arouse me. I wouldn’t like it despite the erection. I’m also not turned on by all naked women. Chances are, I would feel ok about one of those women sexually stimulating me.

I don’t have strong feelings about gay sex. I don’t have any moral or other objections to it. I’m not sure I would say that I would never do a forced bi scene. Never say never. I will say that I don’t think I will ever request one. I try to be open-minded.