No Whining Zone

Today is punishment day. It’s a good thing too. Lion has been whining for two days that the puppy doesn’t pay any attention to him. Has he paid any attention to the puppy? I’m the one who crawls around on the floor to play with her. I’m the one who is bruised from her using me as a chew toy. I’m the one who lets her out. I’m usually the one who feeds her. I’m the one who gets up with her at 4 am and plays with her for an hour until she wants to sleep again. I’m the one who cleans up after her. I’m the one who shoos her away from things she shouldn’t be near. And I’m the one who puts her in her crate every night. Meanwhile, Lion gets the snuggles. She fell asleep in his arms yesterday. When she’s in my arms she tolerates it only for so long because I when I pick her up it usually means she’s going in her crate.

So far today she peed in his office and is ignoring him. He keeps referring to her as “your dog” meaning mine. Daisy did pretty much the same thing. Then, at a certain point, he was her human. She went to him for pets and snuggles. I got to feed her, let her out and roughhouse with her. I was the help. He was the alpha dog. I’m sure you can imagine how much I don’t want to hear him whining about not getting puppy time. That’s why tonight’s spanking will be punishment rather than just because.

Last night I pulled out the clothespins. I decided to use regular ones. They don’t have tread tape on them. They weren’t plastic. They were nice wooden, don’t-pinch-too-much clothespins. Lion responded by getting and staying hard. I have no idea if he would have gotten to the edge if I’d continued with a hand job, but he didn’t get there with oral attention. He hasn’t been positioned right the past few times. He needs to be more across the bed for me to have a straight shot at him. I’ve been at a weird angle and I wonder if that contributes to my not being able to keep going as long as he needs me to. We’ll have to see if being in a better position helps the cause.

Right It may just be that Lion is in one of his slumps. We’ll work through it. We always do. I’m not giving up.