Monday night, I went to Home Depot to get lumber to replace the back deck steps. Lion always had trouble with them, and he’ll need to use them when he takes the puppy out. He’s also been after me to water the puppy lawn. I dragged the hose around and started watering, and then I took out the old steps. It was somewhere in the range of 85 degrees. Blech! I was sweating a lot, and I was tired because Willow kept us up Monday night. Needless to say, I didn’t finish the steps.

I don’t know why I didn’t think of it, but I should have taken some Tylenol before starting. I usually remember when I mow the lawn or do anything that will make me achy. I hurt all over. It took a while before I could move once I sat down. I was in no shape to do anything sexual. Poor Lion would have to wait another night. I took the day off today, so I can finish before it gets too hot. Even if I need a break, I should be able to get it done. And I’ve taken Tylenol so that I won’t be hurting as much.

I still plan on teasing Lion tonight. Since he thinks I give him orgasms to avoid playing with him for a certain number of days, I don’t think he should get one anytime soon. I’d say he should have to earn it, but I have no idea what he’d do to earn it anyway. I guess I could give him a honey-do list, and once he completes it, he gets an orgasm. I think I like it better when he has no idea when he’ll get one. Once I give him a list, he can run through it in a few hours so he’ll have an orgasm. Nope. He doesn’t get to decide. That’s not to say I can’t have a list in my head, and he’ll have an orgasm once he completes it. What would be on the list? I have no idea. I’ll probably continue to do it randomly.

If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.

[Lion — FYI. In case you want to know, it’s been 13 days since my last orgasm.]

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