The last time I spanked Lion, he suggested I use the large paddle exclusively. His theory was that it would get him rosy red all over. I’m game. I did cheat a little bit. To get him warmed up, I used the leather paddle I normally use to give him an overall pink tushy. Then I went to the large paddle.

One benefit of the large paddle is that I can cover more ground. Rather than spanking left then right, I can whomp straight down the middle. Of course, I did swat on the left and the right before I centered them. I’m looking for a general rosy red. Swatting in the middle exclusively wouldn’t cover all of his butt. I wouldn’t want prime real estate to go unswatted.

I don’t think I was hitting particularly hard. Naturally, I did give a few stronger swats now and then but I was concentrating on placement. Maybe it was because it’s a bigger and thicker paddle because Lion was yelping a lot. I was making him nice and rosy. I noticed what looked like small bruises forming along his crack. That seemed odd to me, but it wasn’t a big deal, so I kept going.

Lion’s butt last night.

We had to cut things short because the puppy was whining. She whined and then went to Lion for pets and, I assume, reassurance that everything was fine. Then she went back under the bed and really started whining. I don’t know if we were scaring her or just a new noise, and she was unsure. There are so many new noises around here. She jumps when Lion sneezes. A monkey on TV woke her from a sound sleep. We’ll have to see what happens on Thursday when I swat him again.

When Lion went to brush his teeth, he said his buns hurt even walking around. Apparently, that’s unusual. We don’t know why this is. Although I don’t think I was hitting hard, maybe the increased heft of the large paddle made it feel like I was hitting harder. Maybe it was because much of the swats were delivered across both cheeks. I doubt he feels it today, though. The other weird thing I noticed was the bruise along his crack started to bleed. I guess it was less of a bruise and more bringing blood to the surface. I thought bleeding occurred where the edge of a paddle hit. This time it was right in the middle Lion theorized that centered swats compress his cheeks, so the bulk of the force is on the crack. I guess that makes sense. We can always test the theory next time.

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