Mom Will Do It

I am working from home today and tomorrow as backup for Lion so he can get used to taking care of the puppy. I’ll take her out first thing in the morning and feed her and then take her back out post-breakfast. Lion will take over from there. At least, that’s how it’s supposed to be.

I got up at 5:30 when the little bundle of joy started whining. I can’t fault her too much. She’s had very few accidents in the house. I just wanted to sleep a little longer. What mom hasn’t said that? I fed her and took her back outside. She was a bundle of energy from sleeping all night so I played with her. Lion wandered out about 6 to see where we were and then went bad to bed. Soon after, the puppy snoozed so I went back to bed.

When I started working, it should have been the handoff to Lion. He was asleep again. He’d had a rough night so it wasn’t unexpected, but what about the puppy? That’s okay. Mom will do it. We’ve been out half a dozen times since I started working. She’s afraid of the robot vacuum. That’s understandable. It’s the first time she’s seen anything like that. She needed reassurance. And then I announced, for the third time, that I wasn’t getting anything done because I was taking the dog in and out and keeping track of her. I out her in her playpen area in Lion’s office with a few toys to keep her occupied. She did not like that at all. So I took her out and left her in the office with Lion with the door closed as much as it will close and she still whined. I guess she must have tired herself out because it’s been quiet for a while. I do worry about how he’ll keep track of her when I go back to the office if she won’t stay in her playpen.

We answered one of our questions last night. Willow doesn’t care if we do anything sexual. She was snoozing anyway. You kids have fun. I’m sleeping. The big test will come tonight when I give Lion his “just because” spanking. My guess is that she’ll hide under the bed or just go to sleep. I don’t think she has a strong bond with either of us yet. She does follow me around more but I move around more and I’ve been doing most things for her. She knows I represent food and out and play.

I tried to get Lion to the edge last night. I didn’t actually make it. He said he was very close but not quite there. My goal was to give him an orgasm but since he wrote that I’d give him an orgasm just to be able to have a week or so off, I’m making him wait. I assume he’ll get to the edge at some point and then I can torture him even more. He’ll be the one who needs a week or so off by the time I’m done with him. (I know I’m playing right into his trap, but it’s fun to frustrate him.) Game on!