my unspanked ass
My unspanked bottom. It’s a fresh canvas for Mrs. Lion.

You have to understand that where we live, a heatwave is a couple of days over 85 degrees F. The Pacific Northwest, particularly the Seattle area, has its own climate. While other places freeze and swelter, we live in a moderate climate that rarely goes below freezing and above 90. Suddenly, we are confronted with Arizona weather. Since I’m a native New Yorker (Greenwich Village), I can’t imagine living without AC. When we moved to this house, we bought two portable AC’s. I doubt they will give too much relief to 100-degree weather. Better than nothing, right?

I’m just over a week since Mrs. Lion let me ejaculate. I’m pretty horny. She is unlikely to give me relief. Poor, horny lion! On the flip side, she will almost certainly spank me today (I’m writing this on Saturday). There is also a good chance that she will do it again on Monday. She’s very consistent about her spanking plans.

There are some good reasons that she has me on a twice-weekly spanking plan. From her perspective, she gets the chance to perfect her technique now that we have the spanking bench. I get my hide toughened, which may reduce the bleeding. We both benefit from the frequent reminders of our disciplinary relationship.

You would think that after over six years of domestic discipline that spanking would be a routine activity. It isn’t. Over the years, Mrs. Lion has learned to be a strict spanker who makes sure I get maximum pain from each spanking. She has developed into a true DWC wife. She is still working on perfecting her technique.

The problem for us is that Mrs. Lion has a problem punishing me for annoying her. She can’t reliably do it. Perhaps with our minimum of two spankings a week, the process of identifying annoying behavior and punishing it will become easier.

Our “just because” spankings are full ten-minute sessions. Mrs. Lion is committed to delivering one every Monday and Thursday. If I annoy her, perhaps she can add time to the scheduled spanking to punish me for the offense. She is currently following the DWC plan. She adds an extra five minutes to the initial ten for any additional offenses. If I interrupt her, she can extend the next “just because” spanking by five minutes.

She is tempted to change the “just because” spanking into punishment for an offense if needed. This is probably not a helpful thing to do. Offenses require their own retribution. She has said that. Much as it pains me, she’s right. We both learn best by taking very deliberate actions.

We made the most progress when Mrs. Lion decided to act consistently and frequently. Spanking me has to be simple and undramatic for her. That’s where the “just because” spankings come in. If she understands that she doesn’t need to be fair when deciding to punish me, she will be much more likely to punish annoying behavior. It doesn’t matter if it isn’t all my fault.

It’s always about love.

Since she is learning that it is perfectly fine to spank me twice a week for no particular reason, she will understand that spanking me for something I may not be totally responsible for is no big deal. It’s good for me whether or not I really did something wrong. It’s just an activity we share. Make sense?

If Mrs. Lion learns to consider spanking as no big deal, she will be free to do it without a lot of soul searching. We both know it’s good for our marriage. Hell, if she feels no qualms about spanking me for not setting up the coffee pot, why would she feel any guilt about beating me for interrupting her. If she is spanking me twice a week for no real reason, why fret over a possibly unfair punishment? Spare the paddle and spoil the lion.

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