Mid Air Part Two

I am currently over Chicago, on my way back to Lion. I saw some cousins I haven’t seen in decades. Oddly enough, talking to them made me want to call my mother. I guess you always want to call your mother.

There’s a heat wave in Seattle. The forecast says it will be 115 on Tuesday. I hope they’re wrong. No one needs heat like that, least of all an area I’ll-equipped to deal with it. Most people don’t have air conditioning. Our portable ones may not keep up. I told Lion we can remove the food from the freezer and take turns sitting in there.

I’m really glad to be on the way home. I miss Lion and I want to get back to normal. Two trips roughly 30 days apart is too much. I’m a homebody. I’ll have to rest up for my daughter’s college graduation next year.

Our plan is to go to the casino tonight. I think Lion is trying to avoid the just because spanking he should have gotten Thursday night. He’ll protest and say he only wants his free dinner, but we know. He doesn’t want his buns bloodied. I can’t say I blame him. Ever since he encouraged me to learn how to give butt-blistering swats, he’s been wondering what the hell he was thinking. Silly boy.

Even if I don’t spank him, I still have plans for him. It might not happen tonight. Between my having to be at the airport at 4 am Seattle time and our going to the casino, I’m not sure I’ll be able to do much more than snuggle. There’s always Sunday. And I have Monday off as well. Plenty of time for Lion fun. Of course, it may only be fun for Lion up to a point. I doubt he’ll have another orgasm, but you never know. That’s one of the good parts of being in charge. I can give, or not give, an orgasm whenever I feel like it.

[Lion — Today is forecast for 100 degrees. Seattle holds the dubious rank of the city with the least air conditioning. I’m going to suggest we skip the casino today. I know, we will miss the free food. Everyone knows that lions never turn down a free meal. Today will be an exception. I’m pretty sure that the heat will drive record crowds to the casino where it is air conditioned. I expect that I will get the spanking either way and another on Monday. I trained Mrs. Lion well. Stupid lion!]

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  1. It’s a shame if you have to cancel your trip to the casino. Free food and cool conditioned air are a good combination.

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