Getting Better

one cheek sized paddle
Broad-faced, stingy paddle. Click image to view larger.

I was under the weather on Saturday. I barely finished my post before I had to go to sleep. Whatever was causing my malaise seems to have left town. I feel much more like my old self now. I let Mrs. Lion know so that she can move forward with her plans to make me yelp.

She pointed out that I reacted more to a spanking on the bench. It hurt more, a lot more. The bench simulates the classic over-the-knee position. My hips are on the bench, and my legs hang free. That stretches my glutes. I’ve learned that this position is the most painful. It hurts a lot less if my legs aren’t bent as far.

The spanking spoon against Lion's ass
Spanking spoon. This spoon-shaped paddle packs a mean wallop.
(Click image to view larger)

Mrs. Lion also benefits. She can move around me and easily adjust her position for maximum effect. It’s not as intimate as OTK. The loss of intimacy is offset by the greater leverage that translates to a lot more pain. Given this increase in sensation, Mrs. Lion has more options. If she begins my spanking with one of our larger paddles, she will generate a lot more sting and general redness. If she then switches to the spanking spoon, she can easily produce her trademark’s long-lasting pain.

There’s no reason why she can’t just do ten minutes with the spoon. It will be a lot worse for me, but isn’t that the idea of spanking me? This is all up to her.

I’m still tired, but it isn’t as bad as it was on Saturday. So please forgive the shorter-than-usual post. I’m sure things will be back to normal tomorrow.


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      Thanks. Got lots of sleep yesterday.

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