I Can’t Get It Up

There are times I can’t seem to get turned on. This seems to be one of them. I’ve always thought that men aren’t supposed to lose interest in sex. I’m wondering if my actual interest is missing or a sexual key that needs to be turned. Sometimes, it’s getting spanked. Whomp my bottom, and my motor is jump-started. Other times, like now, a spanking doesn’t work. Odd, huh?

The other night, Mrs. Lion tied up my balls. That normally gets me really hot. Nope, it didn’t even get me hard. Her back has been bothering her, so I’ve hesitated to suggest anything that might hurt her. I also worry about suggesting something that usually works, like oral sex, only to end up soft in Mrs. Lion’s mouth. I know she will think it is her fault I’m not hard and horny.

This worry doesn’t help the situation. Nothing like performance anxiety to further fuck things up. It’s a vicious circle. I spiral down until my stomach starts to churn when I think about sex. Even writing about it is making my stomach hurt. This is definitely not conducive to a rock-hard cock. None of this is Mrs. Lion’s fault. I haven’t found a way out. Suggestions?


Ever since I discovered Amazon’s WordPress plugin, our posts are available as podcasts on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, etc. I’m also starting to listen to podcasts as well. I have gotten in the habit of listing to NPR news podcasts while I’m in the shower. I’ve also discovered “Unqualified,” Anna Faris’s blog. I’ve been a fan since I saw her on “Mom.” I like her work and how she looks. So, when I stumbled on her blog, I had to check it out. In each episode, she interviews some showbiz friends and then offers advice to listeners. That’s how the podcast got its name; Anna says she is unqualified to give advice. How’s that humility? Her interview skills could use some work, and editing is needed. Still, it’s generally fun listening. Yeah, I still have a crush on her.

Our podcast doesn’t use our voices. We let Amazon’s text-to-voice service read them. We don’t have the time to record and edit each post. Also, I don’t have a clue how to add a recording we make to the service. Well, I know what I would have to do. That process means even more of a time suck. I figure that the current podcast is more convenient for our readers than a stand-alone creative effort. We’ve been interviewed a couple of times. At least one of those is still around. Take a look at the right side of the page.

how about a spanking video?

One step past podcasting is making videos. One reader requested a spanking video. We have the technology to make one. We haven’t felt any strong motivation to do it. Aside from the spanking itself, we do have to figure out lighting and camera position. Assuming we decide to do it, is there any real interest in us doing this? Given the huge quantity of spanking videos out there, I am not sure we would find an audience.

I have been checking out some of the spanking videos online. Most seem at least a decade old. I found a few that I think are pretty hot. One of them appears to be raw footage.  It’s a bunch of spanking segments with the same man and some different women and implements. He starts with an unspanked bottom and ends up with what looks like a very sore bottom. You can see it here.

I’ve noticed that most of the OTK videos have the woman sitting on a folding chair. A folding chair? It seems flimsy for such strenuous activity. I wonder how many collapsed during filming. One other rather odd thing that almost all of the videos I’ve seen have in common: The men have red bottoms at the very start of the video. I wonder if that means they were spanked before the camera started to roll. If so, why?

Mrs. Lion won’t quit trying to get me hard and aroused. She likes to tease me and leave me panting and wanting more. She also likes to make me ejaculate. For reasons I’ll never understand, she likes how my semen tastes. Yes, she has made me eat it. I’m not fond of the flavor at all. The fact she does, saves me from consuming more. Whew!


  1. Have you investigated possible medical causes for this condition? As you age, your testosterone production declines, which means you have less interest in sex. There are synthetic testosterone shots you can get that put your interest back–the one I get is called Aveed, There may also be structural issues with your plumbing down there–in my case, the small vessels in my penis are partially occluded, so blood can’t get into my penis and get me seriously hard.There’s a surgical fix for that which I’ve been unwilling to try. There’s also Viagra or Cialis, which work for a lot of men. So, high thee to a urologist, young lion!!

    1. Author

      Thanks for your concern. I had my testosterone level checked and it is fine.

  2. What if your Wife told you, “I’ll give you five minutes, either you get hard or I’m locking you back up!”

    1. Author

      We wouldn’t have any luck with that. I just wasn’t interested.

  3. I presume you’ve tried the little blue pill sort of thing, I hear its cheaper now that it’s generic? But I gather that impacts physical issues, not mental ones. I also heard of this thing called shockwave therapy that opens up the blood vessels. I googled it and you can buy it for home use, though it will set you back a fair sum. Seems very kinky to pound your penis with high energy ultrasound!

    If it’s more psychological, maybe try rediscovering your sexual interests through some solo work? I get hottest playing with my blog and all the accompanying research and correspondence. Often I masturbate to certain thoughts thus conjured. Then i am quite aroused and I bring that back to bed with David and he doesn’t know what hit him.

    1. Author

      Oh yes! I’m using generic Cialis. It’s quite inexpensive. I get 60 20mg tabs for about the same price as one of the brand-name ones. Like you, I get hottest when I’m writing and researching. Since my contributions here have to be strictly factual, when sex is difficult, I don’t get to write anything that turns me on. I’m working on my new book Hacked. It has a lot less sex in it than Fan Mail. Too bad. I get very hot writing sex scenes. I’ve been checking out some spanking videos on xhamster.com. A couple of them get me going.

      Like you, when I do get myself revved up, I bring it back to Mrs. Lion. Since she isn’t interested in sex for herself, it’s more difficult for me. Mostly, my writing and thoughts drive arousal. Of course, her physical stimulation does the trick, but I’ve found that the psychological component is at least as important. I don’t want to just write porn, so that limits the fun I can have by writing.

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