Frustrating Times For Lion

It didn’t appear that my weenie was going to play well with me. I brought the rope around to Lion’s side of the bed, and he said, “Oh, you’re trying that again.” It sounded like he didn’t want his balls tied, so I said, “Would you rather have IcyHot?” Of course, he didn’t. When I wasn’t really getting anywhere by hand, Lion said he bet I could get him hard with my mouth. Challenge accepted!

A few minutes into sucking him, he was hard. Nice! I wasn’t sure if I could get him quite to the edge, but I was going to try. I stopped a few times to see if he was close. I wasn’t, but he said he was enjoying himself. Onward. I don’t know how long I tried, but eventually, I had sweat dripping from me. I had to stop. I think he was close. Dangerously close? Nope. Maybe tonight.

I may use the Magic Wand to get him going before I start sucking. And I should make sure the fan is on, so I don’t have sweat dripping from me. Between the Magic Wand and the fan, I should be able to get him to the edge at least once. Really close. Not just sort of close. He needs to be sweating. He needs to be humping air. He needs to be frustrated.

Lion agrees, even if he’d rather have an orgasm than be frustrated. I know he likes being frustrated sometimes. Not when I’ve just finished getting him to the edge a few times, but other times.