Homemade Dill Pickles

We’ve made some improvements around here. Depending on how you access our site, you can get much faster page loading. If you access by calling https://www.malechastityJournal.com (add the “www”) you will find things are much faster. Many of our posts will be available as podcasts. We are currently available in the iTunes store. You can find our podcasts at this link. I believe that once we have made it into the iTunes directory you will also be able to use your Amazon Alexa to listen as well.

We took our camper for repairs yesterday. That’s why Mrs. Lion didn’t have a post. Nothing much has been going on around here. Yesterday morning Mrs. Lion asked me if I had reminded her on Thursday that it was punishment day. I thought I did, but couldn’t clearly remember. She couldn’t either so she’s assuming I did. That’s good, it saves me a spanking.

We haven’t been sleeping very well. I don’t know if it’s the humidity, summer allergies, or none of the above. I’ve been watching old TV shows deep into the night. This invariably leads to me sleeping a little late and then being tired the next evening after dinner.

True to her word, Mrs. Lion has been offering to play with me at about 5 PM each day. The combination of having ejaculated only a day or two ago and being tired has prompted me to thank her for her interest and then beg off. I’m sure that won’t last.

Today we are going to make another trip to the pickle farm. It’s our third in two weeks. We are thoroughly enjoying our home canning and pickling experiences. Our first attempt at kosher dill pickles was okay but not exactly as good as we wanted. I found the book, The Joy of Pickling (no kidding!). It has what looks like a very good recipe for the pickles I want to make.

We also made blueberry and raspberry jam. Both turned out incredibly good. The blueberry jam isn’t just a mush like most jams. Entire blueberries are in it and burst delightfully in the mouth. I’m thinking that we may want to make another batch while we can.

I’m not sure what got this domestic frenzy started but it’s fun. It’s been at least 10 years since the last time we did any of this sort of thing. When Mrs. Lion told her colleagues at work about our pickling and canning, they commented that they now know what they’re going to get for Christmas this year. Fat chance! This stuff is way too good to share.

Since we haven’t been on the road at all this summer, maybe all this preserving is our way of compensating for the lack of travel. We have one more trip scheduled mid-September. It’s going to take us to the southern end of the state on the shore of the Columbia River. We are both very partial to this part of the world. Across the river from our campsite is Oregon. Less than an hour’s drive takes us along the Deschutes River where we can see Indians fishing for salmon off of wooden platforms suspended above the rapids. This is an ancient tradition and amazing to see.

Now that the weekend is here, perhaps we will have sexier stuff to report tomorrow.

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  1. I used to make all my strawberry and raspberry jams. But we don’t eat very much jam anymore, so I haven’t in a few years. It will only keep for two maybe three years before going bad. My recipes are simple and require only two ingredients—berries and sugar! But the jams are so tasty…

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