Our NFL Super Bowl game ended with me earning over 200 swats. Mrs. Lion set up the spanking bench as soon as the game ended. She used a leather implement to administer my penalty. During the game, I winced when either side scored. Every touchdown earned me 30 or 35 swats, depending on whether the extra point was made. The Los Angeles quarterback was sacked twice. That earned me another 14. You could call my sore bottom a football injury.

I left the shower door open on Sunday night to make matters worse. That means I will get a ten-minute spanking tonight (Monday) for that. Despite what Mrs. Lion wrote yesterday, I feel my Super Bowl swats on Monday afternoon. I know, it’s my own fault. I should be more careful.

I’ve been struggling for as long as I’ve been writing here to try to explain why what we do isn’t all that bizarre. Sure, it’s what some call “kinky,” but that’s not the point. I get it that most people don’t want to get spanked even though they’ve dreamt about it. What I don’t understand is why the response is so negative. I am fine with, “It’s not for me,” but it hurts when people condemn it outright.

Yesterday I wrote about giving the gift of monogamy. My definition is broader than usual. Based on what Mrs. Lion taught me, monogamy reserves all of my orgasms for her. That means no masturbating as well as no other partners. This is much harder for men. I had some help in the beginning. Mrs. Lion kept me in a male chastity device all the time that she wasn’t providing sexual stimulation to me. I learned to depend on her for orgasms. That is a profound act of trust and love.

Podcasts and blogging

All of our posts are also published as podcasts. You can find us on most of the podcast providers. The biggest is Apple. They aren’t in our voices. We use a computer voice generation system to produce them. It would be too difficult to record and publish our posts ourselves. The computer voice isn’t bad, but it isn’t us. Our podcasts are getting pretty popular. I’m glad we have the opportunity to offer our content this way.

It occurred to me that it might be fun to offer some content in our own voices. I’m not sure if it’s possible. Our publishing system doesn’t allow us to add a podcast we create manually. All this stuff gets very technical. It took a lot of time to set up the automated podcast creation. It was worth the effort.

Creating and running a blog is supposed to be easy and non-technical. It’s possible to do it if you are willing to live with the defaults of the blog provider. The biggest free providers are Blogger (owned by Google) and WordPress.com. Both are easy to set up. Take your time and read the directions. We started on wordpress.com. I did buy my own domain name. That added a little cost and confusion. As we grew and wanted more features, we had to make tough decisions. WordPress.com gets very expensive as more people visit. It also severely limits the plugins that you can use. Blogger is even worse. It’s free no matter how big you get, but your options are minimal.

The biggest drawback to creating a blog is the commitment to write posts regularly. The vast majority of blogs start with a blast of posts as the blogger says what they want to write about. Then, life intrudes, and there are fewer and fewer posts. Finally, the blog fades out.

Dealing with the technical details is way easier to master than the chore of maintaining a publication. A blog is a sort of magazine. Readers expect regular updates. It takes a lot of thought and time to maintain a successful blog. It will eventually require some technical skills too. Still, if you are motivated and willing, blogging can be a lot of fun. Mrs. Lion and I like it. As of today, we have about 5,500 posts in our archives.

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