Seattle Bound

My son’s wedding was wonderful. I was surprised at how emotional I was. I cried a little during the ceremony, but watching the first dance, him dancing with his daughter, and then with me was too much. Blubbering idiot. And it didn’t stop there. Every time I talked to him or my new daughter-in-law, I lost it. Obviously, tears of joy, but I’m not used to having so little control. Does this mean I’ll be a sobbing mess at my mother’s memorial in a month? I’m almost sure I will be.

I got to the airport super early. Five hours early. I had no reason to stay at the hotel once my kids left, so I headed out in search of breakfast. Every drive through, I passed head an enormous line. I kept thinking I could find something along the way, so I headed toward the airport. No dice. Long lines everywhere. I even stopped a few times in grocery stores to search for things that exist in the East but can’t be found in the West. I struck out there too.

‘To kill time, I went through regular security rather than TSA pre-check. And I took a leisurely 20-minute walk from terminal T to terminal D. Between each terminal, they have exhibits. I took a video of one stretch that has leaves on the ceiling and nature sounds. It was a nice distraction.

I still have three hours until the plane takes off. Ugh. Good thing I have my iPad and charger. The worst part about waiting is that it means more time until I get home to Lion. I wish he was here with me—stupid dog. Traveling might have taken a lot out of Lion, but we’d be together. We could be bored together. Of course, we probably wouldn’t be sitting at the airport for five hours if he was here. We either would have stayed at the hotel longer, or we would have found something to do.

I can’t wait to get home to see him