Mrs. Lion is feeling a bit better. She teased me on Sunday night. It had been seven days since my last orgasm, and we hadn’t done anything sexual in days. I was ready for an orgasm. She spent a long time petting me under the covers. It felt great. She asked me if I wanted “to come out.” That means get on top of the comforter across the bed with my legs as wide apart as I can stretch them. Of course, I agreed and assumed the position. Mrs. Lion got between my legs and began sucking.

I can’t explain why. Maybe it was because we had no activity in a week, but I was sure she was going to take me out of my misery. But no, she had other ideas. She got me fairly close to the edge a couple of times. Then she stopped. I was informed that I would have to wait. Surprise! Oh well. We had fun. I love it when Mrs. Lion pets me.

Speaking of petting, while Mrs. Lion was rubbing my cock, I remembered how I learned some interesting facts about penis handling. Do you know that if you rub a penis from bottom to top without going down again, it’s very exciting but impossible to ejaculate. It won’t exactly be the same as edging since the arousal will never get to the ejaculation trigger point. One BDSM partner did this to me for a long time. It was frustrating and surprising to me. I figured I would have to get off if she kept it up. I was strapped into a sling so that I couldn’t influence the action. It was very frustrating. She had fun. Eventually, she took mercy on me and changed to up and down strokes. It didn’t take long for me to come. [Mrs.Lion — I’ve done this to Lion, too. Every so often I do some strokes in the “wrong” direction just to make him nervous.]

It turns out that we males are programmed to ejaculate only when our penises are fully penetrating our partner. That corresponds to a “down” motion when being jerked off. The “up” motion corresponds to pulling out of the vagina. The foreskin, or what’s left of it on us circumcised males, covers that sensitive spot just under the head. That insulates it from too much stimulation. On the downstroke, that area is exposed and gets the benefit of direct stimulation. Evolution is clever.

I was surprised that I had no idea that my own penis works that way. Sure, I knew about that spot under the head, but I had no idea that it was so easy to manipulate me sexually. I wonder how that woman knew. It doesn’t seem to be something one would discover during normal sexual activity. I don’t get it.

I asked Mrs.Lion how she learned to jerk a man off. That doesn’t seem to be something a woman would discover. I had no idea that my penis could be so much fun until another little boy showed me when I was eleven. He may have been a year or two older. Mrs. Lion told me that she doesn’t remember how she learned. She’s certainly good at it.

supervised masturbation is an exciting idea

While we are on the subject of male masturbation, you may have seen that ever since Mrs. Lion said she might make me jerk off in front of her, that I have come back to this idea. She pointed that out in a comment to a recent post. It’s true. I have. I’m in my eighth year of not jerking off. Mrs. Lion made a serious rule that I shouldn’t. Between years of wearing a chastity device and my general disinterest in doing it, I’ve been trained not to masturbate. When she brought that subject up after all these years, I was startled.

Part of me wants to do it. A bigger part of me is uncomfortable about it. It isn’t that I don’t get to play with my penis. I’m allowed to get myself hard and enjoy limited rubbing. I can’t get near orgasm. That’s worked for me. I’m not worried that if Mrs. Lion makes me jerk off for her, I will also do it alone. I won’t. I worry that it will become a replacement for Mrs. Lion getting me off. A lot of men in male chastity end up with supervised masturbation becoming their only sexual outlet.

I’m sure that wouldn’t happen to us if Mrs. Lion reintroduced masturbation to her sexual repertoire, or should I say my sexual diet. Logically, since my sex life is vagina-free, substituting my hand for her hand or mouth isn’t a giant leap. Maybe it’s just another tool in her belt.

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  1. This is how life works, Lion. From what he left, he returned to that. At the age of 11, he began his sexual life with this, and at .. you will end up the same. The cycle of masturbation in nature.

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