Maybe there really is something to my theory that moving around stirs up the crazy. Yesterday, I lounged for a while before getting up to make breakfast and then I lounged around before getting up to do the breakfast dishes. The crazy seemed to stay away. I was even able to tease Lion last night. He enjoyed himself but, as he said, he would have enjoyed himself more if he’d gotten an orgasm. Poor thing.

This morning, I didn’t have the luxury of lounging around. I was rushing around doing the dishes, giving Lion his eye drops, getting dressed and grabbing something for lunch. By the time I got to work, the crazy had been stirred up. I was ready to go back home and decompress. Of course, it’s not as bad as last week. Maybe a huge part of my recent issue has been lack of sleep. Once I zonked out, things started to get better. Either I was tired and that intensified things or the other way around. Either way, things are a little better now. I just have to stop stirring up the crazy.

Yesterday, Lion and I were hugging and my hand wandered to his buns. He wiggled like he always does. I told him it’s been a while since those buns have been on fire. I don’t have any plans to whomp him. He’s been very well-behaved. He’s even set the new coffee pot up for a few days. He may need a just because spanking so he remembers what a hot butt feels like.

As I said, I was able to edge Lion last night. I was a little uncomfortable but I think that had more to do with his being just slightly in the wrong position than my being achy. Of course, it’s been a while so maybe the achiness was bound to happen. Tonight, I’ll make sure he’s all the way across the bed so I can torture him more. He’s hoping for an orgasm. Maybe I am too. We’ll have to see how nice I am later. It might just be more fun to watch him squirm.

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