Unintended Lion Training

Between eating too much and being tired, I didn’t play with Lion last night. It’s not fair to him. I either need to play with him when I get home or delay my shower until after I’ve played with him. I could do some combination of the two. Sometimes he’s snoozing before dinner. Sometimes he’s snoozing after dinner. I’ll have to get to him when he’s not snoozing.

Off and on, I think about giving Lion vaginal sex. He always tells me I don’t have to do it. Of course I don’t. I don’t have to give him hand jobs or blow jobs either. I know he likes vaginal sex. I forget if oral or vaginal is his favorite. Either way, I like to ride him even if it doesn’t do anything for me. Why wouldn’t I change things up from time to time? I don’t want him to get tired of oral sex all the time like he did with hand jobs. Let’s face it, there are only so many ways to have sex. I know, I know. You can spice it up with this or that, but ultimately it’s either oral, hand, vaginal or anal.

For the record, I liked anal. I say it past tense because I like when Lion stands behind me and he hasn’t been able to do that for a long time. He’s been spoiled by being on his back. I was just trying to remember if we’ve ever had missionary sex. I don’t think so. That seems odd to me. You’d think we’d have had regular old vanilla sex at least once over the years. I think we started off with anal and then, once Lion found out I have better orgasms if I’m on top, we did it that way. Of course, oral and hand jobs were thrown in there too. I’m not unhappy with any of it. Well, maybe the lack of anal.

Without realizing it, I trained Lion to be unable to have any sex other than with him on the bottom. I think it was over five years ago that we tried anal. He wasn’t able to maintain an erection while standing. His body must have said, “Nope. This isn’t right. Abort. Abort.” I’m sure the only thing that has changed since then is his balance being worse. I think anal is gone for good. Not the worst thing in the world. If my libido returns, I don’t think I’ll be horny for anal sex. Is it possible to be horny for anal sex?

Lion thought his training began with the chastity device. It’s interesting to realize it began long before that.

[Lion — Maybe I can be trained to use other positions. Mrs. Lion can always “milk” me for teasing (have me on knees and her behind me)]

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  1. It so often happens that we get used to something, and then we can no longer refuse it. Especially if it’s something good.

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