Monday Night DWC Spanking

More red, less black and blue with the lighter paddle. Hurts at least as much as the spanking spoon.

Monday night Mrs. Lion gave me a 2-offense DWC spanking. She set the timer for fifteen minutes and went to work. Instead of the heavy spanking spoon, she used the ferule paddle. This tool is made of bloodwood with a long handle and a small, round face. Before getting the spanking spoon, this was the most vicious paddle in our collection. It’s much thinner than the spanking spoon. It has considerably more sting and creates more red and less black and blue.

By the time the 15-minute timer went off, I was more than ready. Mrs. Lion wasn’t done. The spanking went on and on. I hated every second of it, and it hurt when I tried to find a comfortable sleeping position. It’s no picnic sitting at my desk. I hate sting much more than the deeper thud. Perhaps Mrs. Lion might want to try some of our paddles with a larger hitting surface and lighter weight. I have to admit that Monday’s spanking was very effective. I’m going to be much more diligent in getting chores done and eating neatly.

ferule paddle.

Mrs. Lion did not punish me for interrupting her. Of course, it isn’t too late. I think it is important to help me learn to be more respectful when we talk. I’m sure she will get to this when she is ready. Now that I’ve written this, she may decide she is ready now. We had what might have earned me a growl or spanking on Tuesday morning. Our coffeemaker, yes, the one that got me spanked, died. Mrs. Lion was trying to explain what was wrong. I was lost with her explanation. This sort of confusion happens a lot. Mrs. Lion uses a lot of pronouns without a clear connection to nouns. She was telling me about “this” and “that” and “before I was lost.

I stopped her and explained my confusion. She looked annoyed. She always looks annoyed when I can’t follow her context. She often tells me that if I let her finish, I will understand. So far, I don’t. I find it hard to connect all of the indefinite conversational dots. I suppose I could nod and pretend to understand. Maybe if I wait long enough, it will come clear. I like to follow along but can’t without nouns to reference pronouns. If she punishes me for annoying her, I will learn how to manage these conversations better. At least I will learn how to stop pissing her off.


  1. Not sure what happened to the coffeemaker? And why should Lion be punished if there is no coffee maker?

  2. Wow. Great markings! And despite that you still write a passive aggressive article like this? “I’m sure it’s totally my fault that I don’t understand when Mrs. Lion does not use words properly…”. Mrs. Lion, in case you were wondering, yes you are totally justified in being annoyed reading this!

    1. Author

      I really lose track of those conversations. I’m not sure what I can do to make it better other than to pretend I understand.

      1. Ummmm….maybe listen better

    2. I’d agree but apparently I don’t use words properly

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