Alexa, Set A Six-Minute Spanking Timer

For the record, I still have sore spots from Saturday morning’s spanking. Mrs. Lion is quite proud of herself for that. It is, after all, what we wanted to happen. I think her success was due to two factors: first, she used the Chechen spanking spoon. Second, she made the session much longer than usual.

Mrs. Lion’s Chechen spanking spoon.

The spanking implement is far more important than many believe. The spanking spoon is heavy and has a small striking surface. It also has a long handle. The handle offers more leverage and power. The small striking surface concentrates the force over a small area of skin. The reason a cane is so effective comes from the ultimate in these two properties. It is very narrow and has a very long handle. The force it delivers is stunning.

Lighter paddles with larger striking areas offer a different kind of sensation. The lighter material reduces the impact, and the larger striking area distributes it over a wider skin section. This is felt as a painful sting and will redden the skin. The spanking spoon hurts with less sting. For me, at least, that means I can take more without moving away. If Mrs. Lion’s purpose is to give me a spanking I will “remember” for days, the heavy spanking spoon is a great choice. If she wants me to hate every second of the spanking, the lighter stingier paddles are best. Most likely, she would want both. To achieve a horrible experience and make it memorable, two paddles are required.

As a spanking progresses, there is a certain amount of numbness that develops. This is easily overcome by increasing force and speed. To maximize unpleasant sensation, the lighter paddle is the first to use. Then, switch to the heavy one for deeper sensations. Like the disciplinary wives club, traditional spankers use a single paddle and increase force as the spanking progresses. This time-tested technique is very effective. However, this sort of punishment takes time.

Spanking duration is very important

I’m not too fond of a long spanking. That won’t shock anyone to learn. But I know that it’s almost impossible to deliver an effective spanking in two or three minutes. Time passes slowly for both the spanker and her target. Two minutes is a very long time when feeling a paddle on my bottom. Spanking is hard work (and good exercise), so time passes slowly for Mrs. Lion as well. Based on my experience with Mrs. Lion, her most effective spankings took about five minutes.

This is probably the shortest duration for effective paddling. Given the goal of making it as miserable as possible, a longer paddle time is better. My suggestion for Mrs. Lion is to set a timer before she starts. Then she can spank until the timer goes off. She can increase the duration by setting longer times. This is very easy in our house. We have Amazon Echos in every room. All she has to do is say, “Alexa, set a six-minute spanking timer.” The Echo will announce, “Six-minute timer starting now.” It will sound beeps when time is up. Of course, she doesn’t have to stop then, but she won’t stop before.

She has used how my bottom looks to determine when to stop. That generally gets me a relatively short spanking. Perhaps, over time, her internal spanking clock will take over, and she won’t need help from Alexa.


  1. Probably Mrs. Lion and without a timer, by eye, can determine when to end the spanking.

  2. and i always thought that color would determine when the spanking ended.

    1. Author

      From my experience, color isn’t a great indicator. For one thing, the idea of a spanking is to provide interactive discomfort. Two things contribute to that: time and intensity. It’s way too easy to stop sooner than best if only color is the guide.

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