When we started our sexual adventures, it was hard to imagine that I would actually be willing to stay locked in a male chastity device for more than a day or two. Mrs. Lion figured I would want out in a few days. That first male chastity device was uncomfortable but bearable. I can’t explain why I didn’t ask Mrs. Lion to stop locking me up. I obviously found it exciting in a nice, kinky way. Over time, wearing a male chastity device became part of me. It only came off for teasing or orgasms and medical procedures.

Looking back, I can see how far we have come. At this point, sex for me is totally controlled by Mrs. Lion. It isn’t something we even think about. I wait until she decides to let me come. More recently, I’ve had trouble getting to the edge, much less ejaculating. Now, the rules changed a bit. I not only have to wait until my lioness wants me to come, if I don’t ejaculate when she wants, I also get punished. So far, I have performed for her. If she makes it more challenging, I’ll either learn or get spanked.

This is a variation on the old “come on command” fantasy. In it, the man is trained to ejaculate when ordered with little or no stimulation. That never worked for us or anyone else we know. This variation is absolutely doable. Mrs. Lion will tell me that I am to have an orgasm tonight. Then she will stimulate me. If I come in a reasonable time, before she tires, then all is well. If I don’t, out comes the paddle for a disciplinary spanking. The reverse is true too. If Mrs. Lion doesn’t tell me I can ejaculate, and I do anyway, I get another visit from the business end of Mrs. Lion’s paddle. It’s like everything else in my life. If I do as I am told, all is well.

The other big change over time is punishment. It’s gone from slightly stinging spankings to almost DWC punishments. Mrs. Lion has steadily increased the severity and length of my spankings. I’m sure that only a couple of years ago, Mrs. Lion wouldn’t recognize the change in her disciplinary style. I applaud her efforts. It seems that the more severely she punishes me, the loving feelings I get for her care and devotion to me. The old DWC saying, “The longer and harder you spank, the more he will love you for it.”

Two years ago, I thought that saying was rubbish; spanking fantasy talk. I was wrong. Damned if it isn’t true for me. I’m not saying that I want more. It’s just that as Mrs. Lion makes the spankings harder and longer, I end up appreciating her more. These two kinks we adopted have made changes in me. I can’t imagine my life being any different.

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