Keep Trying

I have lost count of what attempt we are up to for OTK spanking. As a guess, I’d say it was three, but it might just be two. Lion was further across me, and I tried to trap his legs between mine. This time around, more of his weight was on me, and I could have used the hairbrush because I didn’t have much room to maneuver the medium-sized paddle I chose. To me, it was worse than the first time we tried. Lion suggested one more position of me sitting against the headboard with him draped across me. Aside from that, which we can try, I think he’s willing to abandon OTK spanking. So far, it just doesn’t seem to work with our body types and athletic ability, or lack thereof.

My suggestion is that he lay across the bed along the footboard. That way, he’s fully supported, and I can reach him. I think he’ll be less likely to get away from me, but to be sure, he ordered a luggage strap to wrap around his thighs to make moving more difficult. We still have to issue of the crease in his butt skin and opening up his crack. We’ll adjust the yoga pillow and the spanking pillow to see if we can solve that.

After I was done spanking him, he went to look for the luggage strap. I was waiting to give him more attention. When he was done, he went under the covers. I guess he was done. I wasn’t going to give him an orgasm or even try to get him there, but I thought maybe I could tease him. Apparently, our communication skills are failing again. To help things along, I will state here that I will not be spanking him tonight so that we can have some weenie fun time. No for spanking. Yes, for weenie fun time. How’s that for clear communication? [Lion — It’s very clear. Couldn’t you have said that last night?]

I don’t have any idea when I will require an orgasm, but I will let him know before we begin so he can manage expectations. He has a theory that he can’t get very far because he’s taking control of his orgasms. If he can just lay back and relax without worrying that he’ll be disappointing me, I think he’ll have more fun. Of course, eventually, I’ll put the pressure back on, but by then, he may be ready to burst anyway.

It’s a good thing I go with the flow. Lion usually has an idea of how things are supposed to work, but then they take a sharp turn, and we’re off in another direction. I just hang on for dear life.


  1. Important thing about OTK is the body-to-body connection. However you have him, cuddle up against him and maybe let him grab you a bit as well. Sometimes when I have my husband face down over pillows on the bed I push up against him and spank him, and it’s good.

    1. Author

      If I’m punishing him, I guess I like to remain detached. I have a job to do. If I allow myself to connect with him, I may not be able to give him effective punishments.

  2. Apparently the OTK pose is not suitable for everyone due to the peculiarities of the physique. You can accept it, but the spanking will most likely be uncomfortable.

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