Maybe I’m a slow learner, or perhaps I let my sexual fantasies blind me to obvious reality. It’s taken me a long time to wake up to the most obvious truth about enforced male chastity. The truth is that orgasm control isn’t only about preventing me from ejaculating. It’s about surrendering control of my orgasms to Mrs. Lion. That means she decides when I get to ejaculate, not just my minimum wait between orgasms.

My mistake is an easy one to make. I always assumed that I would be happy to come anytime Mrs. Lion would let me. I learned early on that I wasn’t. When we first started, Mrs. Lion masturbated me every day. It didn’t take many days before I wanted her to give me more time between orgasms. I explained that male chastity is about making me wait and forcing me to get super horny. That’s what the fantasies are about. She accepted this concept and went from jerking me off every day to edging me every day or so. That truly frustrated me.

After over seven years of this, my ability to ejaculate in less than ten days seemed to evaporate. I couldn’t even get to the edge most times Mrs. Lion teased me. After several months of disappointing performance, I decided that maybe I have been conditioned to avoid anything approaching orgasm for at least a week. That’s when the light bulb went on. I was taking back control of my orgasms.

Since I couldn’t have an orgasm until Mrs. Lion decided to give me one, I could take control by not having one until I was ready. Orgasm control isn’t about withholding male ejaculation.  It’s about controlling it. I should be able to ejaculate whenever Mrs. Lion wants. She has always been very forgiving if I am unable to ejaculate when she decides I should. Her concept of orgasm control has always been about limiting my opportunities. If I’m not ready when she wants some semen, then no problem, she’ll try again tomorrow.

True orgasm control is for me to ejaculate when she wants. If I don’t, there should be consequences. I presented this idea to her, and she agreed that she would spank me if I don’t ejaculate during a session she says she wants to see me come. She said that she might even supervise me jerking off. Failure to orgasm gets punished. I haven’t masturbated in over seven years. I don’t want to start again now, but that isn’t my decision. It’s also not my decision when I can ejaculate. So far, we only had one session when she ordered me to come. To my surprise, I did.  I imagine my next enforced orgasm is coming very soon. Hopefully, I will obediently come for her.

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  1. I get particular enjoyment and insight out of forcing my husband to choose what material he wants to masturbate to. It’s often images of young’ish women doing slutty stuff. It does not offend me at all, because I know he wishes he was the slutty young woman, and I tease him appropriately.

    1. Author

      I’ve never used visual material to masturbate. When I was allowed to do it, I would lie on my back and let fantasies provide the fuel. They ranged from spanking to public sex. When I’ve looked at porn, it’s generally spanking (men and women) and handjobs. Ruined orgasm videos are sexy too.

      1. Tell Mrs. Lion that I find it TREMENDOUSLY entertaining to put a ruined orgasm video on the screen and watch him masturbate as he watches that.

        1. Author

          I haven’t masturbated in over 7 years since Mrs. Lion forbade it. I do like ruined orgasm videos.

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