Twenty years ago, before I met Mrs. Lion,  I was active in the BDSM community as a top. I attended many workshops on various aspects of BDSM activities. One workshop was on electrical play. No, this isn’t just zapping people with safe toys. The instructor demonstrated how to reliably bring a woman to the edge of orgasm and hold her there. Then, with a slight change, give her a huge orgasm. I was fascinated. I had the necessary equipment, a Folsom electrostimulation box, and some hypodermic needles.

The needles were necessary to establish a reliable connection to the subject’s skin. They weren’t inserted into her body, just threaded through the skin on either side of her pussy. Careful sterile procedure was followed as always with anything that penetrates the skin. The Folsom box is connected to the two needles. Then, with gradual adjustment of voltage and frequency, arousal begins. Further adjustment increases arousal. With practice, the subject can be brought to the edge and held there.

This is possible because female arousal and orgasm follow a linear track. The slope isn’t very steep, so it is possible to control arousal with great accuracy. I demonstrated this technique at several national events. At the after-event dungeon parties, I had long lines of women waiting for a turn. Obviously, this method can’t be taught online. I’m not suggesting anyone try this without proper training.

What fascinates me is the ability to use tiny amounts of current to produce such profound effects. Sadly, I am unaware of any reliable way to replicate this in men. There are penis electrodes attached to elastic bands that go around the penis. I’ve tried them. I could get a sexual response for a short time and then lose it as the relative conductivity of my penis skin changed. When it worked, it felt like I was fucking a woman. The speed of the thrusts matched the frequency of the pulses. If I could have kept that up, I would have had a great orgasm.

The change in skin conductivity is what screws up this sort of fun for men or for women who use didlo probes. The needle technique avoids that problem in women. I haven’t discovered a male equivalent. Too bad. It’s not surprising that inducing orgasm is possible using low-voltage/low-current stimulation. In fact, animal semen collection is frequently done with a similar technique. An anal probe is inserted, and the correct current is induced. This causes the animal to ejaculate. I have read of people buying sheep-sized devices for human use but have not read of any success.

I’m ruling out simple, mechanical devices like the Autoblow and other masturbators. They simulate mechanical sex. I don’t get very good results from any of them. Other guys love them. I’m lucky that I don’t need one. Mrs. Lion knows exactly how to ring my bell. Still, I remain curious about ways to produce orgasms without directly stimulating the penis. Any thoughts?

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  1. If you are not aware of the possibilities of estim, you are missing out on a whole world of pleasure. I have been using it for more than 15 years and at the age of 82 I am still able to achieve an orgasm without any manual stimulation. But for me, orgasm is not the objective. It is possible to edge your self for many minutes or even hours if you have the time. There are several devices on the market which you can use and a great variety of electrodes are available. The main fault I find with using this is that it is highly addictive..

    1. Author

      We have a Folsom Max with penis collars. I’ve had no success at all.

  2. No one has come up with anything better than the right hand 🙂

    1. Author

      Well, I can think of two: Mrs. Lion’s mouth and her left hand.

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