Unbelievably, our team won the playoff game. Lion’s buns got 570 swats between points and two sacks on our quarterback. Now it’s on to the next playoff game against a division rival. Lion hates this rival. It’s going to be a tough game and his butt will pay the price for it. At least he still only gets ten swats per point.

After a shower and dinner, I brought in some ginger. He was cold and wanted to snuggle a bit. I played with my weenie, and he said he was horny. Once he decided he was warm, I warmed his ass with the ginger. I have no idea how it feels because no one has ever shoved ginger in my ass, and I don’t want anyone to, but he says it burns. I’m assuming it’s a different burn from IcyHot. Given my experience with eating ginger and hot peppers, I’d think ginger is a nice, slow warming feeling that gradually gets more intense. Hot peppers are all at once hot and uncomfortable. Of course, this is my guess. He could explain it better.

Once I had warmed both his buns and his ass, I set to work on my weenie. I knew he was horny. I knew he’d need a lot of warmup even after the ginger. I started out teasing him to get him harder. He never really got super hard. I was tugging on his balls, running my finger along his crack, and tickling his balls. He was getting there and then it seemed to slow down again. Eventually, I decided I wanted an orgasm, dammit! I was more insistent. I started grabbing his balls. I was going to get that orgasm.

For whatever reason, my neck didn’t hurt, and my arms were fine. We were go for orgasm. The only thing stopping us was Lion. I was worried he was going to tell me he couldn’t get there. Then, I tasted precum. Mmmm mmmm mmmm. We were almost there. Or so I thought. It was another little while and a little more precum. Then a little more precum. And finally, he got there. I had some yummy cream as a reward.

I’m very glad he felt horny again. I knew he wasn’t broken. I’m also glad he gave me cream filling.

I bought a small swing set for the dog. Yes, you read that right. I’ve seen toys that loop up over tree branches so dogs can tug on them. We don’t have any trees. I found a smaller version of that designed to go over a door in the house. Our psycho dog would probably break through the door. I decided a small swing set would be perfect to hang this bungee with a toy on the end. I set it up after work.

It wasn’t so bad to put together. It was driving the stakes into the ground to keep it from moving that killed me. As we know from the dog excavating and then bringing stones into the house, we have a lot of rocks in the yard. I hit one with every stake. To make matters worse, the dog would stick her head in between the hammer and the stake from time to time. I told you she was psycho. Anyway, I finally got it done, by then I was not in the mood to make dinner. I tossed a frozen lasagna into the oven.

I doubted we were going to do anything sexual last night anyway. It was the day after orgasm, and Lion usually isn’t ready for play just yet. Of course, he’ll probably say he was ready. It didn’t matter because when I got up to do the dishes, I was hit by a wave of nausea. I have no idea why. It’s been happening from time to time lately. It’s weird. But I don’t think it’s anything to worry about.

Tonight, I’ll bring out the massage table and get ready for some anal play. Will his front get any attention tonight? I don’t know. Technically, I agreed to play with him every other night. Anal play is play. I’m not legally obligated to do any more than stick something up his ass. I probably will. His “poor Lion” face is too hard to resist.

In other news, when I was giving him his blow job the other night, I noticed he’s gotten somewhat furry. I’ll have to take care of that this weekend. Rip those hairs right out so they can’t tickle my nose. Plus, he’s got some long ones on his balls. I guess I’ll find out how bad it is on his rear tonight.

Lion got his blow job last night. It wasn’t early as I had intended. Weekends and days off tend to get away from us. However, he got it, and he was very happy. He didn’t produce any cream filling for me, which made me a little sad, but we both had fun, and that’s all that matters.

I don’t know if he’ll be ready for more love tonight. He’s been writing away. Sometimes that means he won’t be in the mood. He’s often not ready the day after an orgasm. I suppose, if I really want to, I can press the point and tell him to mount the massage table anyway. Who cares if he’s ready for anal activity? Well, I do. I’d like him to be at least a little in the mood. It has nothing to do with his ass being opened up further. In that case, he doesn’t have to be hard. I’m not dealing with that side of the Lion. However, it’s better if he’s “enjoying it.”

I know he doesn’t enjoy anal activity the same way I did. I guess it’s something that shows my power over him. I don’t understand why he wants what he wants. I just have to be able to do it. Sometimes it takes a while to be able to do things. It took a very long time to spank him the way he wanted me to. It wasn’t even for punishment. Just regular play spanking took a long time to figure out. I can’t even tell you how pathetic my spankings were in the beginning. I’m surprised Lion hung in there as long as he did. It must have been like a little kid learning the violin or clarinet with all the screeching. My little swats wouldn’t even have killed a fly. But he survived, and some days he’s very sorry he did.

Anyway, I’ll take my cues from Lion as to whether we play tonight. We can always start the anal fun tomorrow.

I knew that it was a mistake. Mrs. Lion told me to assume the position. She started inserting a butt plug. It hurt a little. I asked her to stop. When I thought about it, I realized it wasn’t so much that I didn’t want her doing anal play as it was the “surprise.” This was the exact scenario that made me ask her to stop in the past.

It wasn’t that anything special had to happen. I just needed to prepare mentally and, a little bit, physically. The prep doesn’t take long. The other night, she had me lie on the massage table, face down. The act of going into my office got me thinking that something sexual was coming. Having to lie on my stomach sent the message that my butt would be involved. Mrs. Lion started with a single lubed finger. It took me a little while to feel comfortable that way. She added more fingers, one at a time. By the time the third was added and her hand was moving, I was open and comfortable.

On Wednesday night, there was no warmup at all. I was unprepared. Even if I’m mentally ready, my anus needs a slow start. Once it’s used to being visited, I’m able to handle whatever Mrs. Lion wants to shove up my ass. What happened with my rear end on Wednesday wasn’t a rejection. It was just a kind of unpleasant shock.

In her post, “Red Light. No, Maybe Yellow. No, No. Red,” she wrote about pinching my nipples. I’m usually fine with that, even though I don’t like it. I guess I was off my game because of the earlier anal stuff. It’s true that I like it if Mrs. lion just does things to me without consultation. The massage table, anal-penetration is a perfect example of this. There’s a big difference between getting my agreement and preparing me for the inevitable.

We’ve had a hard time with this aspect. I am absolutely delighted with Mrs. Lion taking charge and having her way with me. I love it! I’m still having very happy memories of the massage table fun. My only problem is when I’m not prepared for what’s coming. Being prepared isn’t the same as giving my agreement. It’s necessary steps that are part of the ultimate act.

For example, Mrs. Lion wouldn’t think of inserting a butt plug without lubing me first. Lube is required for safety. Gentle insertion of a finger or something smaller than a plug is required to signal my anus it should relax. That’s how I’m wired. Over time, I need a lot less signaling. I’m out of practice now. Nipple pinching requires some prep, too, not very much, but some. I need to be ready. Normally, Mrs. Lion starts off with gentle pinches. I find myself wanting more. She always gives me more, a lot more. It may hurt, but I like it.

Pain play and insertion play require their own special foreplay. Sometimes it’s easy to forget.

[Mrs. Lion — Fair enough. I do know that I need to get Mr. Weenie involved before I start doing things with the boys. It makes sense that other play would require a warning shot.]