Thursday night turned out very well. Mrs. Lion decided to begin anal training. She used the bumpy glass dildo. I was able to handle the first four bubbles (bumps) easily. She took her time and moved it in and out. I didn’t feel any sudden changes, even though the bubbles caused my anus to expand and contract. My lioness was surprised at how well I managed to accept her insertions. I’m sure that the next session will include the fifth bubble, and the motion will be stronger.

In our first session Mrs. Lion moved the first four bumps in and out.

I’m happy that I was able to handle this dildo. We’ve learned that a key area of anal training is learning to accept changing size. I thought that gradual stretching was the key. At one point, Mrs. Lion was able to insert a two-inch-thick dildo. I was able to hold it, but moving it was another story. That’s when I researched and discovered that the best way to train for pegging is to work with something that changes diameter. A butt plug is a good choice. The bubble dildo works well too. It forces me to open and then start to close, only to be opened again.

I accepted the two-inch dildo but couldn’t managed being pegged with it.

The reason this training is effective isn’t obvious but makes sense once you think about it. The key is learning to relax the anus. Inserting the large diameter dildo appears to do this. Certainly, I learned to accept it. Motion didn’t work because I wasn’t really relaxed. Training with moving a butt plug in and out (or the bubble dildo) teaches me to relax. It’s very uncomfortable to accept something that is getting larger if the anus is resisting. If it relaxes, the object goes in (and out) without discomfort.

Over time this training will allow voluntary control of the anal muscles.  When presented with an object pressing in, it learns to relax and accept it. There is the mistaken idea that anal training stretches the anus. It doesn’t. It simply trains it to relax. The key to successful pegging or even fisting is to learn to stay relaxed once the activity begins. That’s the hard part.

I did a little research to get an idea of how this works. This link is to a video that shows what I mean. A woman is fisting the man. Note the extreme amount of lube. That’s key. You can’t use too much lube in anal play. His anus remains relaxed and open. Before the shooting began, he was gradually opened. Even though his rear is stretched so wide, it will return to a tight bud a few minutes after the play is over. He has learned to relax. It doesn’t mean he has lost control. It’s just an acquired skill.

Mrs. Lion has attempted to fist me. At one point, she got four fingers in. Now that we know the trick to training me, I’m sure it won’t be long before she can get her entire hand in.

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  1. Curious as to why she didn’t keep you in chastity during the session. Would that have made it better, worse, or both?

    1. Author

      It has nothing to do with anal play.

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