Begging Is A Key Part Of Spanking

Wednesday night, I got a “just because” spanking. Mrs. Lion wanted to explore using her new yoga pillow. She also wanted to work on her technique to spank my most tender spots: the soft skin inside my crack and the tender area on the inside of my thighs. She has the small, blue for that. Overall, the spanking was painful but mercifully short. Her “inside” work with the blue paddle didn’t hurt much. I think she’s still working on how to swat those areas.

Generally, I yelp when she connects solidly with my posterior. Those are the only sounds I tend to make. It occurred to me that maybe we are missing a useful element of the spanking process. I may be overthinking this, but it seems to me that an essential element might be amplifying the humiliation of getting a bare-bottom spanking. What I mean is that, for the most part, Mrs. Lion disregards any sounds I make. She goes about her business punishing me in silence.

There’s nothing wrong with this. Domestic discipline’s whole point is to make me learn through pain that I need to obey my lioness consistently. Sometimes, I think she stops a little early. Let me clarify. After the spanking is over, I sometimes think she probably should’ve spanked me longer. I never think that while she is beating my bottom.

begging for orgasms

A long time ago, a girlfriend decided I was entirely too quiet during sex. She liked verbal feedback. I was not enthusiastic about providing it. One afternoon, she started jerking me off. Once she had me very excited, she told me that she would only continue if I told her how much I wanted her to keep it up. At first, I was pretty lame. You know, “oh boy, oh boy, this feels good.” She knew I would quickly learn. When I was very close, she stopped and said, “You can do better than that.” I was in no shape to disagree. I began begging her to please keep playing with my cock. She did only as long as I kept sincerely telling her how much I wanted it.

It felt silly to me when I did it. She knew it would. She also knew that I would eventually learn to do this more naturally. Making me tell her how much I liked what was happening became a condition of sex. If I got quiet, she would stop. Eventually, I learned to be a little noisier during sex. I think I liked the slight humiliation the process included.

if i’m not begging her to stop, i must need more swats

It occurred to me that maybe both Mrs. Lion and I need to become more verbal during discipline sessions. It’s not natural for either of us. Feedback is beneficial. Mrs. Lion is starting to realize this and sometimes lets me know that she’s just warming me up. However, aside from asking me if I’m ready after she’s paddled me for a while, she doesn’t say, “Now we will get started with the real spanking.” I think that would have a big effect on me.

For my part, I would think that it would be useful to keep me from withdrawing into myself during a spanking. After all, spanking is a conversation of sorts. I remember that Julie of says that a key part of any spanking she delivers is getting her husband to beg her to stop. I know she means real begging, not the sort of, “Oh, please stop Mistress,” stuff. She wants real begging and pleading. I’ve basically disregarded that since it’s something I don’t want to do. I think that it’s useful. For one thing, Mrs. Lion would know I don’t like doing that, and sincere begging would only come when I’m getting truly desperate.

This gives her some idea of how successful her spanking is. More importantly, it’s an opportunity to verbally interact during the punishment. We’ve tended to skip the “scolding” aspect of spanking. Neither of us is very verbal that way. Maybe we should try adding words. I’m not saying that when I start to beg earnestly enough, Mrs. Lion should stop punishing me. She should continue until she’s decided I’ve had enough. But, maybe a condition of even thinking about stopping is when I’m sincerely and humbly begging forgiveness.

I’ve been hesitating as I write this because I absolutely won’t like it one little bit if she makes me do it. I also know that I will do it if it helps end the spanking. It’s the polar opposite of my earlier jerk-off training. That training worked because I really wanted an orgasm. This training will work because I want the spanking to end.

It isn’t so much that the begging will amplify the punishment’s value, even though it will. It’s more that Mrs. Lion and I are actively communicating during punishment. There is something about having to beg and knowing that the begging is required, but it still gives me no extra control, which adds an extra humiliating dimension to being spanked. There is a lot of value to adding verbal to the strong non-verbal communication during a spanking.