Scooby Doo

I guess I shouldn’t be too surprised that Lion took the glass anal toy in so far last night. I got about four of the bumps in easily. Even as I was moving it in and out, he didn’t seem to have any discomfort. I asked if he felt it, and he said he felt something. I think the difference between the bumps and the non-bumps isn’t much. The other butt plug I got will be much different. First of all, it’s much bigger. Then there’s a big difference between the bumps and non-bumps. Big. And, as Lion pointed out last night, that isn’t even the big version of that toy. It’s actually the small version, and it looks pretty daunting.

Once I was done with his posterior, I went to work on the anterior. My weenie responded quickly. I was somewhat surprised given Lion’s issues lately. I sat up and started giving him a hand job. At one point, I thought he was starting to lose it and asked if he thought we were done. It’s a valid question, especially so close to an orgasm. He wasn’t done. And eventually, I asked if he wanted me to suck him. I don’t think I’ve ever heard him say yes so quickly. He practically jumped into position. I’m glad he was so horny.

Lion doesn’t normally stay completely hard throughout the entire show. Maybe he used to, but not anymore. I always wonder if he’s done. I don’t stop until he tells me he’s done or if I’m done. It’s funny that he wrote about not making any noise during sex. He’s almost silent. Occasionally he moans a little or inhales sharply, so I know I’m doing something right. He also changes the angle of his pelvis when he’s pretty close. I was fighting off a cramp in my leg, and I was about to stop, but then his position changed, and I knew we were on our way.

When he was having some trouble staying erect or even feeling horny, we started an experiment of having an orgasm every chance he could. We thought maybe it would prime the pump, so to speak. I wasn’t sure if he was expecting to come or not. When I say “expecting,” I mean did he think we were still experimenting. We never talked about stopping it. I know he never really expects an orgasm. He may anticipate it or hope for one, but there’s never any guarantee.

On the other hand, I can give him an orgasm whenever I damn well feel like it. Except for a day or two after an orgasm, of course. Even if I had decided we were no longer experimenting. I could have surprised him. I could have edged him a few times to build up the intensity. However, he seems to have a hair-trigger again. If I stop at the wrong point, I risk giving him a ruined orgasm. Who wants that? Not us. So I’ve been continuing. Last night I was rewarded with Lion cream filling. Yum!

After work, I have a doctor’s appointment to discuss weaning off the anxiety meds to improve my libido. Lion needs a haircut. He says he’s looking shaggy. I’d wait till he looks like Scooby-Doo, but he’d hate that, so I’ll give him a buzz cut when I get home. And tonight might be a bigger butt plug night. I wonder if he’ll be able to take it.