Not Male Chastity

Most people think that male sexual problems are limited to failure to get hard. Female sexual problems are usually thought of as a failure to achieve orgasm. There is a male version of that, too, male anorgasmia or delayed ejaculation. I never understood what delayed ejaculation meant. From my male perspective, I ejaculated when I had an orgasm. I imagined that delayed ejaculation meant that if I had it, I would emit semen sometime later, like after I got dressed. Well, that’s not it.

For reasons I’ll never understand, pop culture associates orgasms with females and ejaculation with males. I’m not too fond of that. Believe me. I don’t go, “Wow! I had a great ejaculation, baby.” I don’t care very much about the fluid output. It’s how I feel. That’s an orgasm.

Anyway, male anorgasmia is about coming. I have it. Mrs. Lion can get me very hard, and I have a great time while she sucks me until I don’t. The feeling of arousal fades away, and I get soft. It isn’t very pleasant.  Apparently, there hasn’t been much research on this problem. I know that some work has been done on female anorgasmia, but very little on the male version. As far as I learn, if the problem isn’t due to low testosterone, there is very little else to do. One small study found a Parkinson’s drug cures it in about half the men tested. That’s encouraging, but the study was on only 50 men. I can’t find any other research.

The drug has significant side effects in many people, and the dosage has to be slowly increased until it reaches the effective level in the bloodstream. Still, if my problem isn’t testosterone, I will push to try it. My primary care physician is an internist and is only willing to check hormone levels. If it isn’t a deficiency, then I will need to see a urologist.

I feel that many people, male and female, don’t think this is a serious problem. You would if you got horny and hard and couldn’t come. It’s not the same as male chastity. That’s a game the ends eventually in a nice orgasm. This doesn’t. Mrs. Lion thinks that eventually, I will have an orgasm. I might. That would be great but wouldn’t make up for all those times I got really excited and then wasn’t excited. [Mrs. Lion — I never said eventually he’ll have an orgasm. I’m hoping. What I said was I’m not giving up unless there’s nothing we can do about it. And even then I might keep trying.]

That’s very different than edging. Edging is super exciting. I’m stopped short of an orgasm. But I’m left hard and panting. With anorgasmia, I’m left soft and unexcited. Let’s see what happens (or doesn’t) next.

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