Feeling Better

Today we’re getting back to normal. We’re both less achy so maybe we didn’t have such bad side effects. However, I was just reading something about people experiencing side effects starting seven to ten days after the vaccination. I guess we’re not out of the woods yet.

In a little while I have to take Lion for his blood test to see if he has low testosterone. If he does, apparently there’s a fix for it. Any other problem and he might not be so lucky. According to a comment from Julie, what he needs is a vibrator up his ass. I know we don’t have the one she’s talking about, but I think we have some sort of vibrating probe. I don’t exactly know where it is right now, but I think it’s intending for prostate massage. We got it when I was trying to milk him. It might be worth a shot.

I know his last punishment spanking didn’t provide any encouragement for an orgasm. It’s not really supposed to but thinking about punishment spankings turns Lion on. He’s just not turned on during the actual punishment. So my theory is that he might be feeling his sore buns and reminiscing while I’m sucking him. Hence the idea that it might help things along. But it didn’t. So I guess I didn’t affect anything by not punishing him for forgetting the coffee pot this morning. I know. He didn’t feel well yesterday. His legs were achy and it was very hard for him to maneuver. And that’s why I didn’t enforce the coffee pot rule. I also got his pills for him last night when he forgot. I’m not heartless.

He’s been doing pretty well with the treadmill too. He didn’t use it Monday, but we’d walked quite far through the hospital to get our vaccinations, so that counted. Obviously he didn’t use it yesterday. I’m not even sure he could have made it to the treadmill, much less walk on it. And he’s already been on it today, with a little more walking to get his blood test. Plus, we haven’t really discussed how often he’s trying to use it. I know he wants to start out slow. That makes very good sense to me. You can’t go from being a couch potato to running the Boston marathon overnight.

Assuming we feel alright, we’ll get in some other exercise tonight and see if I can’t entice that orgasm out of him after all.

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  1. The coffee pot is a serious offense. So yeah, you’re not heartless.

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