Blog Statistics And How To Get Your Partner To Spank You

A fellow blogger I’m happy to call a friend has a passion for analytics. She wrote an amazing post detailing how her blog,, rates in terms of what readers like most. The analysis is detailed, and I found it fascinating. Her blog is on the Google, Blogger platform. It supplies excellent analytical information to the bloggers that use it. Our blog is independent. I use the Amazon AWS cloud for Male Chastity Journal. It doesn’t supply visitor data. The actual service that delivers this page to you is called Cloudfront. It’s a network of thousands of servers around the world that cache our pages. Services like Hulu use this same service. As a result, some of the more traditional sources of analytic data don’t work. We subscribe to one that uses some javascript in our page code to capture statistics.

I bring all this up because I was inspired to use our analytic tool to try to understand what our readers find most useful. According to the number of page views we get, the most popular topics are introducing a partner to male chastity and how to get your partner to spank you. No big surprise there. However, there’s more to the story than that. Half of our visitors come from search engines. I did a little more digging and discovered that the most popular search terms were essentially the same as the topics of our most popular pages.

If we were selling stuff, it would make sense to provide richer content along those lines. I am reading the stats differently. Half of our readers navigate directly to the blog. They don’t click links on other sites, including search engines. These readers are almost certainly not interested in endless posts about getting started. My main takeaway is that we need to keep writing about our lives and pay some attention to those popular searches.

book learning

My book, Fan Mail, got its first review on Amazon. It was very kind and informative. The reviewer made an interesting point I didn’t consider when I wrote the book:

Might even serve as a good way to introduce a little bit of kink to your own relationship, planting some seeds as it were.

It’s true that the heroine is sexually dominant most of the time. She also spanks her boyfriend. Their behavior seemed natural to me. Maybe I’m so kinky that I don’t know how to write about vanilla sex. Well, maybe I’m not that far gone, but I truly believe that it’s better to be direct with sexual needs rather than trying to manipulate your partner into giving you what you want.

Almost 90 percent of US adults, both men, and women, have spanking fantasies. It feels right to bring them out in fiction. I may have made a big mistake. So far there is only one review. If you’ve read the book, please review it on If you haven’t read the book, please do. The kindle version is only $2.99 USD.