Aligning the Planets

While it’s usually Lion looking forward to an orgasm, I find myself looking forward to one, his, of course. I edged him once last night and I was going for another but he petered out. Damn! I need to get him horny enough for an orgasm.

No, he hasn’t had a long wait. It’s only been fourteen days. It isn’t even a long wait over the past few months. However, I was going to try for three orgasms this month, for no other reason than because I wanted to. Lion’s average last year seemed a bit lacking so I was going to up my game. I can’t do that if Lion isn’t cooperating.

In his defense, his shoulder has been hurting and we went to Costco yesterday so his legs were sore. Since he doesn’t leave the house very often, he’s not so used to walking. I was thinking of that last night and I realized that he never understood why walking through Costco would make me so achy and tired I couldn’t play with him. I guess that’s the problem with not understanding other people’s health conditions. Some people will tell depressed people to snap out of it as if they can really control their depression that easily. Hey, snap out of your breast cancer! Nope. That doesn’t work either.

All I can do is keep playing with Lion and hope that eventually he’ll be horny enough for an orgasm. Maybe that’ not entirely true. He may very well be horny enough for an orgasm already. It’s his body that may not be playing along. After all, the other night he was horny but his shoulder was hurting. We’ve got to get the planets aligned for an orgasm. Maybe he needs a nice play spanking to get the juices flowing.

I’ll keep working on him. We’ll get there.

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  1. You hit the nail on the head regarding depression. So many misconceptions about it. I know – I have the tee-shirt. Sending strength!

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