Bruising His Pride (Bottom)

We ordered Chinese food last night. Before I went to pick it up, I gave Lion his punishment swats. I told him they were something to remember me by while I was gone. This morning he said he thinks he may have some bruises. Good. Maybe it will make him think before he annoys me again. I doubt it. I don’t think he realizes what will annoy me. Maybe that’s my fault. I’ll have to get better at pointing things out.

While I’m on the subject, he came pretty close to annoying me yesterday. As he said, he got his new computer and was setting it up. Since he can’t crawl around on the floor to run cables and such, it’s up to me. I don’t mind doing it. I do mind being yelled at while I’m trying to help. For a short time, I had a phone from work on my desk at home. It was an easy way for people to get in touch with me and for me to call customers without using my cell phone. I share that phone with my boss so I had to return it. Last week, they gave me a different phone to use. Lion told me I didn’t need to bring the ethernet cable with me since we have some at home, so I left said cable at the office. On Friday, we needed that cable for his computer and he was frustrated that I hadn’t brought it from work. When I reminded him he told me to use our cable, it didn’t matter. He needed the cable. So sorry. My fault. When I took the cable out of my phone and ran it to his computer, I didn’t plug the end in the correct thing. There are at least six boxes on the top shelf of my computer desk. Forgive me if I don’t know which one is a switch or router or whatever the hell else they are. Or, better yet, don’t forgive me and just tell me I should know by now.

So, yeah, I have to work on letting him know when he’s getting annoying and when he’s crossed the line. Part of me thinks he’s annoyed that he can’t do things he used to do on his own. Another part of me knows he’s always done this when I’m helping him. Time to change Lion’s behavior I guess.