Saturday Night Spanking

The stars aligned, and Mrs. Lion gave me my postponed spanking. It started fairly gentle, with paddle taps to both cheeks. That didn’t last long. She got to work, ten swats on each cheek in the same spot. Still, I only yelped. Little did I know that was the overture. She replaced her sets of ten swats with very painful single swats, alternating between cheeks. Each one was horrible.

Fortunately, the single swats didn’t go on too long. She stopped after less than ten. I wasn’t counting. When I got into position for the spanking, I managed to wedge my feet against the garbage can next to the bed. It effectively locked me into place. I couldn’t wriggle out of the way. I just had to stay in place for each painful blow.

I have a very sore spot on the left side of my bottom, right where I sit. It even hurts when I lie on my back. Poor Lion! Mrs. Lion doesn’t feel sorry for me. I pissed her off, and that’s what I get. The spanking was administered in silence. [Mrs. Lion — I remember saying something. I didn’t say something after each swat. What am I supposed to say? “Take that!”?] I think it would help me if she talked to me while she beats me.

After reading her most recent post, I wonder if she is now in a more disciplinary mode. While I truly hate her spankings, I think that we will be happier if she is. I can’t explain why, but when Mrs. Lion is actively looking for infractions and punishing them, she is more energetic and happier. It isn’t that she enjoys spanking me (at least she didn’t in the past), but the cause and effect pattern of catching me and punishing me is a kind of game to her. She loves games.

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