Dinner Plans

Lion had an excellent idea yesterday. I suggested the idea a while ago, but he actually implemented it. Yesterday, while already smoking some ribs, he made a big pot of stew. Now, with some leftover ribs, we have four days worth of food. We froze some of the stew since we don’t think we’ll really want stew three days in a row. And a giant benefit of making stew is that the house smelled like stew all night. They should make a stew scented air freshener. Anyway, knowing dinner is all taken care of is a big weight off our minds.

However, this morning Lion added another weight to our minds. He can’t find his phone. I teased him that if he had an iPhone he could use the Where’s My iPhone app to find it. He has a Windows phone which has almost no apps available. He doesn’t like my iPhone or Apple products in general. He teases me about Apple problems and I tease him about Windows problems. Adding to the search problems, his phone is set to vibrate so it isn’t as simple as calling it. We’ll have to wait till we get home to look for it.

His missing phone falls on a punishment day. He said he dropped ice cubes yesterday when he reminded me of punishment day. I saw the ice maker spewing ice at him. It wasn’t his fault. I wasn’t going to count it. I did tell him that if dropping ice becomes an issue again, it will be considered for punishment. I said I may count losing his phone as an offense. I know he didn’t do it on purpose. I know I put my phone down all the time and can’t find it right away. I told him it would only be an offense if we can’t find it at all. It can’t have gone far. He just had it last night. It’s just one more thing to worry about.

Since Lion did a lot of cooking yesterday, he was too tired to play last night. This morning the Lion weather report is horny. A very good thing since we’ll try again tonight to ensure we keep on schedule. I don’t want to be accused of neglecting him again. We will attempt to play every night. I did offer last night and that’s when he said he was tired. From my point of view, as long as I offer, I am covered. If he declines then I haven’t ignored him. Yes, I’m covering my ass. I get a little gun shy when he says I don’t hold up my end of the bargain, especially when we knew there might be issues ahead of time. I know this is a longer wait so I will do what I can to keep him interested.

We also haven’t really played in a while. I know I said we’d do more anal play. Having the butt plug slip further in sort of threw me the last time we tried it. I’m worried about using it again. I guess there’s nothing else to do but try again. If it slips in again, we’ll try something else. He’ll never get used to things if I’m not consistent with them. We’ll work on it again tonight. Maybe by the time we get to his next orgasm, he’ll be able to take the bigger Njoy.

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    Let’s not start any war between phones but Windows phones does have Find My Phone feature too. Just login to Microsoft pages and spot it out.

    Well, it is probably out of battery already but anyway.

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