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My orgasm while being pegged felt a bit odd. When I spasmed, I couldn’t bear down but could feel the dildo moving in and out of me. (Click to enlarge)
We got home yesterday afternoon. Our new cable modem arrived from Amazon. The local cable company service man insisted that our old cable modem was out of date. It wasn’t. DOCIS3.0 is the current standard and that’s what it is. However, since we were getting nowhere and our service kept cutting out, I ordered a brand new Motorola DOCIS3.1. This modem can handle up to 4Gb service. Currently, our cable company only goes as high as 200Mb, so there should be no more cable company debate if we have problems.

The lioness nudity discussion has set up a couple of disconnects between us. I mentioned in an earlier post that I like the feeling when Mrs. Lion is clothed rather than also naked at home. Her response suggested that she was more comfortable naked. I fully accept that. The only reason my post talked about this issue was that during our trip, Mrs. Lion wore shorts and a t-shirt while in the trailer and I, of course, was naked. I liked how this felt. I didn’t like it enough to cause Mrs. Lion any angst over her at-home dress code. The only thing I care about is that we are together. Clothing, for her, is optional; for me, of course it isn’t.

Monday, I forgot to remind Mrs. Lion that it was punishment day. In my defense, the days tend to merge together when we are on vacation. I don’t really get to have a defense.  So, I expect to be punished. I’m writing this late in the afternoon, so I don’t know what Mrs. Lion has in store for me. When I mentioned that I forgot to tell her it was punishment day, I got a knowing smile. That never is good news for my bottom.

I’m still amazed about our pegging session. Over the years, for me, an erection doesn’t accompany anal activity. In recent times, if I’ve had a butt plug up my ass for a while, Mrs. Lion can get me hard and even get me to come. However, in the past when that happened, the plug seemed more of an orgasm killer than something that made me hotter. This last session, the dildo moving in and out contributed to my heat. When I was ready to ejaculate, it felt odd when the first spasm occurred. I felt the dildo and tried to stop the spasm. I don’t think I did, but the orgasm felt a little odd for me.

It’s hard to describe. As I bore down, trying to ejaculate, the motion in my anal canal was extremely obvious to me at a time when I am gone from this planet. Again, it wasn’t a bad sensation, just new. It feels like there is a progression. I started out unable to even get an erection. Then, with a plug in and a lot of lioness stimulation, I could get hard and eventually come. Now, while being pegged with a dildo, I was made erect and ejaculated without much trouble at all.

Could it be that I’m just beginning to associate arousal with anal stimulation? If I am, it will be some time before I get hard when penetrated. I have no doubt that if Mrs. Lion persists with anal/penile stimulation, my brain will make the connection and anal stimulation will also make me hard. I don’t think I am becoming gay, by the way. I think that Mrs. Lion is giving me another way to experience sexual pleasure. I wonder how many other guys get hard when penetrated. Let me know your experience.


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    I get hard just until my anus is penetrated; then it usually goes away. I thoroughly enjoy the sensations & seek itout, but it takes additional stimulation to get an erection while full.

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      That’s how it is for me. Mrs. Lion gets me hard while she is pegging.

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