I’m Just Too Nice

Lion was supposed to be spanked last night for annoying me on Thursday. You’ll recall I gave him a pass on Thursday night because he was snoozing. Last night he was having trouble walking, and I didn’t want to make him bend over the bed. He suggested punishment earlier in the day. I agreed. However, two things come to mind this morning.

First, wasn’t it Lion who wanted punishment closer to the infraction? He said it makes it less poignant as time goes by. I believe he said it would help him connect the punishment to the crime. So these delays should bother him, but they don’t seem to.

Second, it popped into my head this morning that perhaps Lion just likes the idea of getting swatted. He’s okay delaying the inevitable because he’s concentrating on the “high” of thinking about being punished. He’s long said he gets turned on thinking about spanking, but not when he’s actually being spanked. If that’s the case, wouldn’t it be better for him to delay as long as possible so he could ride that high?

I’m not saying he’s doing things on purpose to delay his punishment. That would be silly. And if I thought he was doing that, his punishment would be far more severe. No, this isn’t a devious plot on his part. The real problem is that I’m simply too nice. Not only did I delay his punishment, but I also got his pills for him last night “no charge”. One of his newer rules is that he has to get his own containers of medications each night. I put the pills into the bottles. The least he can do is take them out of the closet. I’m not heartless. I do get them for him when he’s not feeling well. (His trouble walking came after dinner when he’d sat in his desk chair for a while. He was fine when he should have gotten his pills.)

And then he asked if the coffee pot was set up. I knew it wasn’t, but I also decided that warning him was not one of the nice things I was going to do for him. Of course, by not answering, I was telling him it wasn’t set up. I don’t know how I would have handled it if it was set up. I may have told him it was so he didn’t make an unnecessary trip. On the other hand, if he’d just set up the damn camera in the kitchen, he’d be able to check without the trouble of walking into the kitchen at all. Maybe I should start punishing him for every day he doesn’t set the camera up.

Nah. I’m just too nice.