Thursday night, Mrs. Lion persevered and gave me an orgasm. It was a powerful one for me. I don’t know how it is for other males, but I can’t feel whether semen is emitted. For a while, my orgasms were dry. Apparently, I’m back in production. It’s a relief for me and a treat for Mrs. Lion. I’ll never understand what she finds yummy about it. When she fed it to me in the past, I did not enjoy consuming it. She likes it too much to share with me.

I’m writing this post on Friday afternoon. I was sleeping on Thursday night when Mrs. Lion wanted to spank me for annoying her. She’s happy to do it tonight. What a sport! I think it’s a good thing that Mrs. Lion is back in disciplinary mode. It’s good for me when she is. I can’t explain why, but I feel more centered and more loved when she is in firm control. I’m definitely more sexual. My libido is connected to the expectation of being spanked.

Mrs. Lion’s spanking spoon

Mrs. Lion is a very effective spanker. I’m unhappy from the very start. The longer she goes on, the worse it gets. This is a little different from my usual response to spanking. At first, the sting is horrible. After a while, my hormones would catch up, and it wouldn’t hurt so much. Eventually, it would feel good. I would be in sub space. That never happens now. She uses particularly unpleasant paddles. Her spanking spoon is made from a dense hardwood and packs a substantial wallop. Her technique is to hit about ten times in one small area, then ten more on the other side of my bottom.

She continues this pattern until she delivers between one and three-hundred swats. Sometimes she pulls my cheeks apart and delivers the same pattern inside on the tender skin near my anus. I have no idea how she determines when to stop. Before she ends my punishment, she delivers single, very hard swats, one at a time. She alternates between cheeks. I really hate those! She often goes on and on this way. These last swats are real punishment!

Very often, Mrs. Lion will stop if I am reacting very strongly. I scream and tell her to stop. Apparently, this affects her. I also wriggle and begin to try to escape. Sometimes she will tell me to stay still and give me a particularly painful swat on my inner thigh. That works. She has also threatened to spank me more for moving. I don’t know if she does because she never says anything further. I wait for her to say, “You would be done now, but you moved too much. This is your bonus.” This kind of communication will certainly make an impression on me.

I think that more verbal communication would help me. Scolding and instructions during my spanking will help me connect the punishment to the offense. Progress reporting will let me know how I managed to make things worse for myself. A spanking is a form of communication. It expresses Mrs. Lion’s displeasure at something I’ve done or have forgotten to do. Adding verbal to paddle communication should make punishment more effective.

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  1. I’m interested in the blue silicon spanking paddle and wonder if it is specifically designed as an implement for spanking or is it made for another purpose and simply used as a paddle as a bath brush is. I’m leaning towards the former because of the ingenious raised pads on the business end. ?

    1. Author

      Yes it is. I believe you can find it at

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