Mark Of The Lioness

Yesterday morning, Mrs. Lion told me that I was going to get the spanking I wanted. She informed me that I forgot to set up the coffee pot for breakfast. It hasn’t been that long since the last time I forgot to do that chore. I was genuinely surprised that I forgot. Mrs. Lion seemed pretty happy that I did.

It isn’t that she likes to spank me. She likes catching me breaking the rules. This time, she also wanted a chance to get out her claws and show me that I need to be careful about writing that she isn’t spanking as severely as she used to. I guess my post motivated her. She spanked me in the morning, right after breakfast. I don’t remember ever being punished that early in the day. I did say that punishing me close to the crime is more effective.

spanking bruise on lion
Mark of the lioness

She spanked me for almost a full five minutes. I know because she chose to do it during the timed five-minute gap between administering eye drops to me. She also did more than 300 swats. It hurt, of course. In the end, I was left with visible signs of her wrath, as she called them, the mark of the lioness. Actually, I was red and sore all over my butt. She did leave two distinctive areas to show her dissatisfaction with me. The one in the photo hurts now. Her technique of hitting in groups of ten swats to a single area assures that she will make an impression.

Her choice of the paddle was the Sporkwood spanking spoon. This is one of the most vicious in her collection. The longer handle gives her extra leverage. The dense, heavy, Chechen wood assures every swat counts. She has some other implements that can hurt more, but the spanking spoon is definitely the most effective and the one I fear. If you can only have one paddle, this is the one I would get. It is the one I got yesterday, right where it counts.

If I seem happy that Mrs. Lion punished me, in a way I am. It means that all is right in our world. She seems proud of the marks she left. I’m happy that she loves me enough to spank me.


  1. I think you got what you deserved. “Hell hath no fury ….” ?

    1. Author

      I’m not arguing. It does hurt to sit.

      1. Yes and I can actually relate 100%! I have been spanked to the same degree (carbon copy tushie) and I think Mrs Luthor only stopped due to the blood spatter! And like you, it hurt to sit down for several days after. Mrs Luthor decided not to spank me again until it was all properly healed up. She used a proper professionally made paddle with drilled-out holes. I fear that paddle the most of all the ones at her disposal. Hope you heal quickly!

  2. Sometimes it seems to me that Lyon deliberately does not put this coffee pot in order to receive another punishment.

  3. Yes, could even be a subconscious thing.

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