Earlier Play and a New Rule

I find myself feeling a little frustrated. I knew a punishment spanking wasn’t the be-all end-all cure for what ails Lion, but I thought it was a start. When I tried to play with him last night, he said his tummy was a little off…and maybe we could play a little earlier today. Well, which is it? I mean, it could be both. I’m not accusing him of lying. Maybe playing earlier will avoid the tummy upset of a big meal. And he’s been asking to play earlier for a long time so that’s not new. Maybe it just let the wind out of my sails a bit after my spanking “victory”.

The coffee pot was set up for this morning and Lion mentioned his sore buns throughout the day. I’m still counting that as a win. I think he still has marks too. As he was setting up the coffee pot I asked if he was trying to avoid another sore bottom. He said it’s the only thing he gets punished for anymore. It’s true. I’ve been too nice. I told him he has to watch his step because I intend to watch him more carefully. My generosity only goes so far.

Last week I set up Lion’s treadmill in the living room. I was crawling around on the floor at odd angles trying to get bolts into washers and nuts. I thought the plan was for him to use it daily to build up his stamina so he could walk better. I’m also planning to use it at some point. So far, Lion has not been using it daily. My achy crawling-around-on-the-floor body is annoyed by this. Lion wants rules. Here’s one: he has to come up with a plan for when he’s going to walk (daily, every other day, etc.) and I’ll hold him to it. If he misses a day without an approved (by me) excuse, he gets whomped. I figure both of these activities are good for him. Either he walks or he gets spanked. Win-win.

Today we’ll either play in the afternoon or just before dinner. I want to make sure I get to Lion before he gets tired or has a full stomach. I really want his orgasm and I’m willing to do whatever I can to make it happen.


  1. Just wanted to say that I love reading your posts and I mean both of you when I say that. You seem like a nice couple with normal everyday problems. However, because of the dynamic between you, you have ways of resolving problems that perhaps may continue to fester in a non DD relationship that is surprisingly similar to ours. Let the woman take control and be the head of the household. She’s so much better at it. Agree to submitting to her discipline – after all, it’s administered with a bunch of love.

  2. Author

    Thank you! We certainly do have a good way of resolving problems. Lion’s buns can attest to that.

  3. Ha! I had just “typed” out a response to this on my phone (using one finger) as is how I usually respond here and was really happy with it – and when I pressed to SEND something weird happened and it all disappeared. Very disappointed that all my wise words were lost to oblivion! 😉

    It’s difficult to recall all that I said – it was deep and clever and sounding informed about relationships 😉 – “normal” versus an FLR relationship and I suggested that many marriages flounder on the rocks because of the arrogance of the male. I have no statistics upon which to base my claim but purely going by the plethora of Internet missives from a whole range of people that I have read over the years. I have deduced that a marriage based on a Female Led Relationship has a far better chance of surviving the bumps and scrapes (and worse) that are experienced in any marriage. I maintain passionately that if the wife / partner / girlfriend is in charge – and responsible for disciplining her husband / partner / boyfriend, relatively small issues may be resolved easily by putting him over her knee and administering a hard, memorable and very sound spanking – avoiding escalation.

    Mrs Luthor and I enjoy such a relationship and only 15 minutes ago I was over her knee for a discipline paddling. We are very close loving and passionate and I truly believe that placing her in charge has been enormously successful in keeping us so close. We cuddle close after I have been spanked and I declare my undying love for her.

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