You Want It, You Got It

Apparently, my spanking skills are lacking. Well, I can spank well enough to leave marks on Lion’s hide. The problem is that I don’t spank often enough or long enough. Lion wants more. How can I deny him the pleasure of having a raw backside?

It probably comes as no surprise that Lion forgot the coffee pot again. He thought he did it. You’d think by now I’d be tired of spanking him for the same offense over and over again. It’s pretty much the only rule he breaks now. It was a happy coincidence that he wrote about needing more spanking. Since it was time for his eye drops this morning, I devised an evil plan. We wait five minutes between drops so that I can whomp him during the downtime.

Lion has been suggesting five-minute punishment rounds for a long time. If it’s a repeat offense or two offenses, he’s suggested more time be added on. He also wrote about my 300 swat experiment. He wants more swats, more often—Okie Dokie. I won’t say I was exactly happy to oblige, but I obliged.

I brought the spanking pillow in and selected a paddle. It was the spanking spoon. I was looking for something with a longer handle for more leverage. I didn’t specifically want that one. But it is a particularly nasty one, so it worked out fine. I gave Lion a drop, and he got into position. Technically it was less than five minutes because it took him some time to get into position, but it was close enough.

spanked ass
After Lion’s five-minute spanking

I have no idea how many swats he got. As a guess, I’d say it was over 300 in sets of ten. He was yowling, but he didn’t try to get away. His buns were red and just starting to bleed when the timer went off. I decided, based on my estimate of over 300 swats, that we were done. Lion said I could continue after the next eye drop if I wanted to. Of course, I could. Did he think I’d stop if I didn’t want to?

I’m sure I surprised Lion, both by punishing him so close to the infraction and with my spin on spanking him between drops. I reminded him that he came up with the five-minute idea a while ago. I was really just killing two birds with one stone. It was time management, really.

Lion needs to watch his step. I’ll be looking out for infractions more carefully. I wouldn’t want to disappoint him by not giving him more spankings.


  1. How about “I’ll spank you if you set up the coffee pot each morning” ?

  2. PS I’m thoroughly impressed by the job you did on Lion’s tushie! Very thorough! ?

    1. Author

      Thank you!

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