Home Base

I am happy to say that I have won the battle to work from home. Since everything I do at work can be done from home, they’ve agreed to let me work from home and stop by work every few days to drop off work and pick up anything I need to do. I even have an office phone since it’s VOIP. Anyone who needs me can dial the same old extension. Ain’t the Internet grand?

In addition to being safer health-wise, staying home means I can be here to help Lion, like when he trips over the robot vacuum and winds up splayed out on the floor. True story. Usually it’s the dog or one of her toys that gets him. This time it was a run in with a four inch high vacuum cleaner. He’s achy but otherwise fine.

Last night he wasn’t much in the mood for love. He wasn’t even reacting to my fondling. He has three theories on this subject. One is that it was too late. It was just after 8 so I’m thinking that wasn’t the case. Another was that he was still tired from not sleeping well the other night. That’s plausible. We’ve both been tired. The third theory is interesting to me. He’s been writing a book. I haven’t read any of it. All I know is it’s a romancy-sexy sort of book. His theory is that he might be turning himself off as he writes the book.

I’m wondering if he’s using all his sexual mojo while he’s writing and it’s depleted by the time we play. Or maybe he’s so turned off by writing about romancy-sexy stuff that he’s lost interest in all sex. Is that a thing? Should I start writing a romancy-sexy book to see if it will have the opposite effect on me? Maybe if I write it, I’ll get horny again. Both are interesting concepts. I just hope he gets his interest back soon. [Lion comments — There’s a fourth possibility: Maybe I’ve lost my libido.]


  1. Lost libido is a terrible thing. I write from personal experience.

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