Thinking About the New Year

Lion got my new computer all set up. I’m using the same keyboard and mouse though, so all typos will be the same. I have two monitors at work and it was a little difficult working from home with only one monitor. Now I have the same setup, although Lion tells me I have things backwards. He likes the left screen to have X whereas I have Y. That’s the good thing about him having his computer and me having my computer. We can set them up however we want.

We weren’t as full after last night’s dinner. We had leftover turkey and fixings, and I swear we had the same amount of food on our plates, but we managed to do a bit more than roll into bed. Lion said he was frisky but he didn’t want to come out from under the covers. Once I got him out, he said he wasn’t sure how far he’d get. I don’t normally care how far he gets. I mean, I want to get him to the edge, but as long as it feels good, it’s fine. The thing I wonder about last night is, did he just want to snuggle? And, if so, why not say that? I don’t think I’ve ever put any real pressure on him to perform. I may tease him a bit, but it’s just me being silly.

For example, sometimes I snap my fingers at his penis and say, “Up, boy. You can do it.” I don’t have any expectation that he’ll get hard. I always do this in the very beginning before I’ve even tried to get him hard. It’s not done as a jab to his not being able to get hard at any point. He may tell me how mean I am when I spank him, but I’m not really mean to him. I’m actually very nice to him and I think he’ll agree. [Lion — I do agree.]

My point in bringing this up is that, even though we talk about fitting together like hand and glove and being close, we still have room for improvement. First and foremost, we need to communicate better. We do a pretty good job, but we can always do better. Maybe that can be our shared New Year’s resolution.

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