Operation work from home 2.0 is ready to roll. I got my work computer and set it up. I pulled things out of the box and realized I’m missing a headset so they’re sending that to me. I already have a two-monitor setup, so I won’t be using the monitors they sent nor the keyboard and mouse. I only need the docking station and laptop. I plugged everything into the KVM (Keyboard Video Mouse allows two computers to share monitors, keyboard, and mouse) switch like I had my old computer connected, and off we go. This company is bigger and knows how to keep things secure. I’m not able to get the password for the new computer, or access their system until Monday.

Lion left me to plug things into the KVM switch and then grumbled at me when I had a problem. “Don’t just plug things in. Pay attention to where they’re supposed to go.” I did, and everything was plugged in correctly. For some reason, the computer didn’t like the cables plugged in the same way they came out. Maybe it’s a problem with the switch. He says they can be temperamental. Just like Lions, I guess. He’s been sick, so I’ll let the grumbling slide. For now. I’ll give him today to get himself back to normal. He’s already done the coffee pot. And he grumbled about things being in his way in the kitchen. Pardon me for using counter space to unpack my work computer. [Lion — Counters, stove, floor, table] I’ll put all the packaging and equipment I’m not using back in the box so I can stash it somewhere out of his way. His Majesty needs to get better soon.

I don’t know if he’ll be horny tonight. Sometimes he bounces back more quickly than others. If nothing else, we can certainly snuggle and see what happens. I don’t want to rush him into anything, but I will need some guidance. He needs to tell me when he’s ready. I don’t think that’s topping from the bottom or having too much say in what happens. It’s just communication.

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  1. Glad to see you got another job.

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