Always Instantly Naked At Home

underwear on chair
If Mrs. lion doesn’t see this when she comes home, I’m in trouble.

We have a rule. I’m always supposed to be naked at home. I suggested this rule many years ago. My thinking was that it made me different from Mrs. Lion. My lack of clothes symbolized my lower status. That idea was, and remains, a turn-on to me. The other reason is that my bare bottom is always available for discipline as needed. From time to time she has taken advantage of this by using the kitchen paddle to correct me for infractions on the spot.

In the beginning, fifteen years ago, Mrs. Lion would remind me to undress when I failed to be naked as soon as I got into the house. Now it is a habit and I do it automatically most of the time. I’ve noticed that more recently I remain dressed for some time after getting home. Sometimes I have a “reason”: We’re going out soon. I know I have to go outside to dump the garbage in a while. I just want to do something without taking the time to strip. I do this without asking. Maybe it’s because the rule is so old that Mrs. Lion has completely forgotten to notice infractions. It could also be that she doesn’t want me to go to the trouble of dressing again to go out. After all, it’s no big deal. Right? Wrong. In my mind it is.

My security as a disciplined male is rooted in the sure knowledge that I am to obey all rules and orders all the time. If there is an exception, I have to ask for permission. I can understand that Mrs. Lion can’t always spank me if I happen to stay dressed after getting home. But it would help me if she would tell me if she notices before I do. I think the problem is that I have room to interpret this rule. It is much better for me to get naked every time I get home as soon as I come in the door. If I have to go out again, even if it is a minute after I strip, I can dress again. It’s more trouble, but rules are rules.

Obviously,I’ve been thinking about this. The act of instantly undressing is a ritual that is symbolic of our power exchange. Even being given time to go to the bedroom to get my clothes off has proven, in my mind, to give me permission to delay this important ritual. I admit that until very recently I didn’t realize how fundamental this is to me.

What appears to be a small concession like letting me stay dressed to take out garbage or even going to the bedroom to undress, turns out to be like a small leak in a dam; it will slowly enlarge and, if left uncorrected, will cause the dam to fail. Consistent enforcement without allowing me the ability to independently make even the smallest exception reinforces my security in the power exchange.

In this case, immediate undressing with only the single exception that we have  other people in the house, gives me a simple, exception-free rule. If I break the rule by forgetting to follow it, Mrs. Lion doesn’t have to paddle me then or there. She can if she thinks it will help me remember to obey. But it will be effective if she notices and tells me to fix the problem instantly. That works.

What happens if I get home first? There are two easy ways to assure I have obeyed. The first is for me to leave my underwear on my chair at our dining table. This is where I would have to undress since the door from the garage opens to the kitchen/dining room. When she gets home, she can easily see if the underwear is occupying the chair. The second is slightly more trouble. She can access the cellphone app connected to our security video camera. It’s focused on the front door and hallway to the rest of the house. The software indicates when there is motion and she can look back and make sure a naked lion came into the frame carrying his clothes. By the way, I will remember to put my underwear in the laundry after she has verified my obedience.

I’m learning a bit more about myself in terms of living in a female led relationship. This most-ancient of our rules is very instructive. Even if obedience has become habitual, my definition of what constitutes following it has devolved into something that serves convenience much more than my lioness. The answer isn’t necessarily punishment. Nor is it requiring Mrs. Lion to work harder. It seems to me that the rule needs redefinition with no room for interpretation; i.e.: undress immediately as soon as I enter the house. It needs Mrs. Lion to observe and note any failure to comply fully. No exceptions; no accommodations. It’s obvious that I need that. After reading this post, Mrs. Lion has decided to enforce the rule as I wrote in this post.

If you’ve noticed a larger-than-usual number of typos in my posts, it’s because I have changed laptops. I now have a Macbook with the Apple keyboard. I find myself hitting wrong keys because the Apple keyboard is smaller than my old, Windows model. I accidentally hit key combinations that do unpredictable things. The worst is that the cursor jumps to another place in the document. I don’t immediately see that it has happened (I type about 65 words per minute) and words and word fragments end up in odd spots in the post. My proofreading skills are not very good, so many of those errors end up published. I’m trying to do better. Hopefully, I will adjust to the Apple keyboard soon.


  1. Author

    Hi old friends. I don’t comment much but am following along and want to say thanks for posts like these that are very basic but very informative. The naked at home thing is something we want but I despise being naked so it’s taking some work! Hope you are well.

    1. Author

      Hiya Drew. Good to see your comment here. Naked at home has lots of inherent challenges. I’ve been bare at home so long, it’s just feels right. I’m sure that you will come to feel the same way.

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