Is enforced chastity the gateway drug for a life of escalating kink? One blogger recently suggested that once a couple adopts enforced chastity, they invariably escalate their kinky practices. They’re hooked! Remember when we saw TV commercials that told us just one puff of marijuana would lead to a life of heroin addiction, prostitution, and poverty? We were led to believe that just trying an apparently harmless drug created a lifetime of horrible consequences.

The dominant partner, Sweetie at Plains Chastity is convinced that enforced chastity has the same effect on people as marijuana. It all begins with buying an inexpensive chastity device. That little toy is apparently the atomic bomb of perverted sexual practices. Lock it on and all hell breaks loose.

Look at us. We started with a cheap Chinese chastity device. It wasn’t long before we had to buy a custom Jail Bird. Oh no! The gates of hell were opening. It didn’t’ take long before Mrs. Lion was inserting dildos and butt plugs into my ass. Then we got into the hard stuff. That’s right, spanking, a female led relationship, and (maybe children should go into another room now) domestic discipline! We’re corrupted into irretrievable degeneracy.  All because of a little device that locks over my little penis.

There’s still another circle of hell left: cuckoldry. That’s right, some souls who lock that device on their partner’s penis, end up performing consensual adultery. Aren’t you glad you sent the kids away?

The Institute for the Study of Accelerating Perversion reports that this process is repeated endlessly around the world. They say that human sexual organs are part of a sensitive, delicate system. If used as the Church prescribes, these systems function smoothly with no risk of the horrors of perversion. Stray off the path and there is hell to pay.

Joe and Mary (names changed to protect the sinners) were a happy, missionary-position couple living on the West Coast of the United States. They had their weekly sex session every Saturday night after the kids were asleep. She would pull up her nightgown and he would expose his penis through the fly on his pajama bottoms. With a minimum of contact, he penetrated her. A minute later it was done. Nightclothes were back in place and they slept the sound sleep of the virtuous.

One sad day, Joe decided to explore the devil’s tool: the Internet. He researched how people eliminated that messy Saturday night nightgown-lifting activity. Since he was interested in what he could do, he typed in “male chastity.” That was the beginning of the end. He was directed to a web site that had a wholesome-sounding name, The Male Chastity Journal.

Initially he was shocked by what he read. Then he noticed that his penis was standing up the same way it did on Saturday night. “Oh my!” he thought. “What’s this?” He kept reading and began to feel uncomfortable. He decided to give his poor penis some space. So, he opened his pants and let it out of his underwear. Before long he was comforting it with his hand. You can guess what happened a few seconds later. It was His first step down the sexual path to hell.

The rest of this sad story is predictable. That first masturbation experience led first to a daily habit, then twice, and finally three times every day. Mary was enjoying the extra sleep she was getting now that Joe no longer wanted to raise her nightgown. But she worried that perhaps he had found a new nightgown.

Joe had been reading about enforced male chastity and the disease grew in his soul. He ordered a chastity device and asked Mary how she would feel about locking him up. After he explained what he wanted locked and showed her his genitals, when she regained consciousness she considered his recent lack of interest in her nightgown. She reasoned that if he had indeed found another woman, locking him up in the device could kill two birds with one stone. First that penis thing she was shown would be unavailable without her being present. Second, she would be able to trade his obedience for sex.

So, she agreed to his request. That was the beginning. Now that Joe had a lot of time without access to his penis, he turned his attention to the Internet with a new fervor. Since he was no longer able to relieve his sexual tension without his wife’s help, his fantasies grew stronger and stronger. Meanwhile, Mary was enjoying her new control of when her nightgown came off. She also liked Joe’s new interest in her welfare and happiness.

So, when Joe told her that he was reading about wives taking control of their relationships (FLR), she was ready to agree to try it. As they say, the rest his history. Joe and Mary descended into the hell of domestic discipline. Their corruption was nearly complete. Joe and Mary spent more and more of their modest income on implements of torture: paddles, straps, whips, riding crops, butt plugs and worst of all, dildos. Now Mary was pulling down Joe’s pajama bottoms and inserting increasingly large dildos into his anus. Worst of all, he liked it.

They were hooked! Now they began talking about having another man raise Mary’s nightgown while Joe watched. He got hard when they discussed it. They both watched the Internet, looking for new ways to degrade themselves. Eventually, they found a young, handsome man who not only raised Mary’s nightgown; he took it off. Joe watched while he masturbated. The horror!

To this day they remain hooked. They walk down the street hand in hand. They laugh frequently. Often, Joe’s bottom is red and sore. He smiles every time he sits down and feels a twinge of pain. They’ve met other people with similar interests. They go to parties where people run around naked and do unspeakable things. They are surely in hell.

So you see, what started as a rather mild sexual game changed two good people into sex maniacs. Be careful about watching the Internet. This could happen to you.


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