The big news is that my reprinted Evotion Orion male chastity device arrived yesterday. Yvonne from Evotion Wearables suggested that the reprint is in black instead of the red I had before. She said that the black was actually printed in that color and was not painted or dyed like my previous Orion. The finish is incredible. It’s a very soft matte black. The texture is fine enough so it won’t irritate my sensitive skin. The matte finish looks great.

Based on her post yesterday, Mrs. Lion had definite plans for when she wanted to lock me up. I asked her to put me in as soon as it arrived so we could take some pictures. She agreed. When she had finished photographing the device locked on my penis I asked her if she wanted to unlock me until later. Unsurprisingly, she declined. No more unsupervised erections for me.

comfort and security

I mentioned before that I find the Orion to be the most comfortable male chastity device I’ve ever worn. Since the new, black cage is 3D-printed from the same file as the original, it should be exactly the same. I’m glad! I think the design of the Orion deserves a bit of discussion. It is unusual in that the entire penis isn’t encased in a cage or tube. When I first saw the device, I wondered if it might permit sexual stimulation in the open space between the shaft cover and the head cover. After all, this is extremely close to the “sweet spot” on the underside of the shaft, just below the glans.

When you put the device on, the first step is to thread cock and balls through the base ring. That’s the same as any other ball-capture device. Next, the shaft cover is threaded over the penis. Mrs. Lion pushes my cock through and then pulls the head until the shaft cover makes contact with the base ring. Before she does this, she rubs a small amount of water-based lube on the shaft. You’ll see why in a bit.

Once she has the shaft cover locked to the base ring, quite a bit of the shaft of my penis is extended past the front of the shaft cover. This has to be pulled back so that the glans sits on the front end of the shaft cover. All that shows is the glans (head of the penis). The sweet spot is safely covered by the shaft cover. The head cover is locked on over the glans. This prevents any opportunity to pull the shaft out of the front of the shaft tube.

It turns out that this male chastity device securely “protects” the penis from stimulation. The custom fit is perfect so that an erection has no chance of even starting to grow. That’s important because gentle erection suppression is the key to not being awakened by a night time woody.

I can always pee standing up!

I love the open design. Like the Jail Bird, the Orion is very easy to keep clean and odor-free. I’ve never needed it removed to shower and clean up. Whenever Mrs. Lion unlocks me, both the penis and cage are clean with no scent at all. Perfect!

Best of all, I can pee standing up with no need to adjust anything. This is critical as far as I’m concerned. The reason I can confidently do this is an excellent design. The shaft cover has a ring inside the top of it. This ring reduces the diameter of the cover. It fits nicely into the groove under the glans. It prevents the glans from “drifting” back and keeps it firmly in place. The head cover has a very nice slot in front that keeps my urethra in the clear.

As  you might guess, I’m really happy the cage is back. Now Mrs. Lion can continue her experiment to see if being locked up makes me more responsive when she wants me hard. It certainly means that I won’t be getting hard unless she makes me.

a new rule assures more spankings

My very first rule was that I would be spanked if I got food on my shirt. For more than a year now, I’ve been home and naked. That makes it impossible for me to get food on my clothes. I have been dropping some food in my lap and on my chest. I suggested that perhaps the old rule should be extended to dropping food on my chest or lap. Mrs. Lion agreed.

Now we won’t have to worry about me going too long unspanked. I am not eating that neatly lately. There’s a good chance I will be paddled several times a week. I think that there is also a chance that I will learn to stop spilling. I know that starting now I will be a lot more careful.

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