Still In Love With My Lioness After 15 Years And Still Comfortable In My Pink Evotion Male Chastity Device

Yesterday was our 15th wedding anniversary. I can’t believe it’s been so long. It feels like a lot less. In another way, it feels like we have been together forever. I’m very grateful that Mrs. Lion feels the same. Before I met her, I wished for a loving, stress-free relationship. Thank you, Fairy Godmother! You may note that I didn’t include anything sexual in my wish. I decided that sex was far less important than peace and love. As it turns out, I was right.

Love breeds good sex. Love, not male chastity or BDSM makes people want to make each other happy. I have a great if-generally-frustrating sex life because Mrs. Lion wants me to be happy. For example, she isn’t terribly fond of the work it takes to put on and remove my male chastity device. Because she knows that wearing it works for me sexually, she puts in the extra work.

Lion's pink evotion orion male chastity device
My Evotion Orion male chastity device. It is the best fitting device I have ever worn. The skin between the head cover and shaft cover is the bottom of my glans (head). Click here to view larger

I’m currently wearing the Evotion Orion 3D-Printed male chastity device. It’s custom made and fits perfectly. It’s made of nylon and is so light I forget I’m wearing it. The design is the most perfect I’ve discovered to date. Unlike other male chastity devices designed for men without penis piercings, it’s in three parts. The other device, like the Jail Bird are in two parts: the base (cock) ring and the penis cage. The Orion has a base ring, a penis shaft cover, and a head (glans) cover.

This design is the same as the devices they make for men with pierced penises. Those devices are in two parts: a shaft cover and the glans cover. The glans cover attaches to the piercing. The Orion adds the base ring to keep the device locked in place. The reason I am so fond of this device is that the shaft cover is designed to fit just up to the glans. It effectively locks the glans in place. When the shaft shrinks and expands, the glans is firmly locked in place. The head cover has a lot of room for the urethra. That means peeing is just as simple with the device on as it is with it off. That’s why I’m so happy with it.

I believe that there are three things that make a male chastity device great: effective prevention of erection and masturbation, wearing comfort, and ability to pee standing up. The Orion meets all three. Mrs. Lion reports that it is relatively easy to put on and take off. The one drawback, and for me it is a major one, is that the color faded almost immediately. My device went from a beautiful candy-apple red to a blah pink. I don’t know how this happened. Neither of us likes it.

Since the color doesn’t change the other, more important features, I am staying locked in the pink Orion. The fit is absolutely perfect and there is no way I will stop wearing an Orion. In my opinion, this is the best male chastity device on the market today. It outclasses the Mature Metal Jail Bird, my former favorite, by a mile. If you decide to contact Evotion about a device, please let them know you heard about it here.


  1. Have you thought about reaching out to William with Mature Metal to see if he can do a similar design that doesn’t change colors? His most recent interview it was mentioned that they are always looking for new ideas.

    1. Author

      William works with stainless steel wire and sheet. His designs have to be limited to things he can make with those. Evotion, on the other hand, works with computer designs and 3D printers. They can execute anything they imagine. Also, there’s a very big gap in creativity between mature metal and Evotion.

  2. Very intrigued by this, the cost is a little off putting, however….lockdown has left extra pennies in the pocket

    1. Author

      It is expensive. However, if you get your measurements right, the comfort is wonderful.

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