Yesterday, I was undecided about locking Lion up when the cage arrived or waiting until after we played last night. Our Ring doorbell announced someone at the front door as I was writing my post. I told Lion when my post was ready for him to read then I went to retrieve the package from the porch. It was the cage. Lion hadn’t read my post yet. He was in a hurry to take pictures of the cage. Initially, I thought he was going to just take a picture of it, but then he wanted it on him to take the picture.

I was conflicted. I hadn’t decided if I wanted to lock him up right away or not. Why did he need it on right that second? As I’m sure you’ve guessed, it’s hard to stop a bulldozing Lion. I mean, I guess I could have told him to back the train up. He’s not in charge. Instead, I put the cage on him for the pictures. Afterward, he asked if I wanted it left on or not. Well, it’s kind of late for that decision. It’s already on. It might as well stay on. And, I thought, since he’s made the decision for me, maybe it should stay on until Sunday.

It turns out that I didn’t need to unlock him anyway. My tummy was in charge and it said run to the bathroom every so often. I’m never sure what pisses it off but it dictates activities for a while. We ate our standard noodles-for-upset-tummy dinner and I waited to see if all hell would break loose. Obviously, I didn’t want to be sucking Lion and suddenly need to make a run for it so we didn’t do anything. Lion snoozed a bit. I was feeling a little better but if the day had taught me anything, that could change at a moment’s notice.

Lion asked if I like the cage. Actually, he asked if I like him in the cage. Then he said I probably don’t even notice. That’s true, but I don’t notice the pinky finger on his left hand unless I happen to be looking at it. I don’t tend to notice his balls unless they’re hanging down when he bends over. I wonder how much he notices about me. I know it’s more difficult now that his vision has deteriorated, but did he ever really notice my boobs or butt on a somewhat regular basis? [Lion comments — I did and still do!] When we walk up to each other from behind we do tend to rub each other’s butts rather than draping an arm around each other. The cage is small, comparatively. I don’t notice it unless I notice it.

Realistically, I usually only notice it when I go to play with my weenie and find it’s locked away. Normally that annoys me. I want my weenie accessible when I want my weenie accessible. Dammit! It’s my weenie. Now I have to find the keys (which aren’t hidden because I don’t know what I did with the lockbox now and unlocking the things used to unlock my weenie is particularly annoying) and unlock him which ruins (for me) any kind of mood I was trying to run with. That’s what happens when I forget the cage is on. When I remember, it’s less annoying.

I understand Lion’s wanting to be caged. Well, as much as Lion understands it. It’s a bondage/power thing. I’m in charge and I’m stopping him from playing with himself. He doesn’t have permission to play with himself. The cage is the guard making sure no one tries to break in. Of course, it also keeps me out until I unlock him. Is it possible the cage really holds the power?

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