When There’s Smoke There’s Indoor Activities

Our area is under a smoke advisory until early next week. This smoke is from Oregon and California. Last week was from eastern Washington. We’re surrounded. Yesterday, we ventured out into the smokiness to get things from Costco. It was pretty thick when we left and even worse by the time we got home. We removed the window fans and closed the windows. Luckily it wasn’t very hot. Our air conditioner, with the outside air closed off, kept us comfortable. Luckily, we have things we can do indoors.

Lion is still snoozing a lot. He slept while I made dinner. He’d told me earlier in the day he was horny. I guess he’s got his mojo back. Today is his twelfth day of waiting. Now that I know he wants to wait longer, I’m trying to get him more hot and bothered. I’ve been edging him mercilessly. He’s been panting and it takes him a few minutes to get himself together when I’m done with him.

Ironically, since we’ve been doing more snuggling before sex so Lion doesn’t feel like I’m rushing him, we haven’t been doing much playing. I did fig him the other night and last night I swatted his balls, but most nights he’s excited so we go for oral sex fairly quickly. I don’t know if it’s just because he’s hit his stride or if the snuggling actually works. I’m not opposed to playing. I should toss in some rope play or clothespins every so often just to keep things interesting. I know being horny doesn’t mean he wouldn’t enjoy/doesn’t need to play.

The new cage was delivered today. I’m not sure if I should put it on him right away and leave him festering until tomorrow or if I should make him wait until after we play today. (I know, I use the word “play” in different contexts all the time.) Maybe making him wait will create anticipation. He’s been looking forward to being caged again. I guess, for now, I’ll dangle the idea of tying his balls up before oral sex. That should get his motor running. And then I’ll lock him up when I’m done with him.

My weenie will be safe inside the cage by bedtime. All tucked in, the way it should be.

[Lion comments — As soon as the cage arrived I asked Mrs. Lion to lock me in. I wanted to photograph it for our posts. She hasn’t said if she will leave it on. She has the keys, so I’ll find out when she decides to take it off.]


  1. That is a nice looking cage. I hope to see you locked in it for many months. Of course Mrs. Lion will determine your play release days. Although not too often.

    1. This is the best male chastity device I have worn, and I have tried a lot! Since we have been doing this for 7 years, Mrs. Lion knows exactly what she is doing.

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